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Wal*Mart Vacates Online Video?

August 24, 2007

David Porter is was Wal*Mart’s veep on the high tech video front. Guess he’s working for Dreamworks now.

I get the distinct feeling NetFlix, Blockbuster and Apple are going to get a massive run for their money from someone we haven’t yet met. The space is just too wide open and the market way too young (and ripe) for someone to come in and just plow a lot of fertile field. Tivo? Some network group like Akamai or Bittorrent? Cuban? Wish it’d hurry the hell up! I’d like HD on demand (with some ownership options on the file residing with me personally). Kulabyte could pull this off nicely!

Not a good sign for Wal*Mart’s immediate prospects in the equation anyway. 

Kulabyte’s HD is Fabulous!

August 9, 2007

Man, oh man! Are the codec’s coming fast and furious these days or what!?

I was reading the comments in Dr. Jonathan Schwartz’ announcement of their latest processor at Sun. One of the commenters is from Kulabyte which was interesting enough to draw a clickthrough. Holy smokes! Their HD video is awesome!

I love DivX and Stage6. There’s so much on the video encoding side of life to like these days.