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Leopard 10.5.2 Seed on ADC (9C7)

December 19, 2007

For those out there with ADC accounts… 10.5.2 is now posted for evaluation.

It’s tagged Seed# 9C7. Read the Seed note as there is some important√© stuff in there about the combo installer.

Be careful out there.


Leopard Install… Upgrade? Fresh + Migrate?

December 18, 2007

MBPro has been running Leopard for many moons as my main development machine. It was bought stock with 10.4.x and promptly wiped in favor of 9a### revs of Leopard until launch.

Not so with the PowerBook. It still has 10.4.11 and I’m contemplating the move to Leopard this week. I’ve heard some people had problems “upgrading”. Wonder what the groupthink is on this one…

Upgrade over Tiger? -or-

Fresh install and migrate stuff over?

Auto-accept iChat Screen-Share Script

November 11, 2007

Graydon Stoner had the fine idea to whip up a script to automatically accept screen-share requests via iChat (Leopard version only). Why would one wish to do this? Hmm?

Apple Remote Desktop, as much as I like it, has too much screen lag for my liking. Most of the time all I’m wanting to do is take remote control of the screen on the far end. For this, iChat is FAR more responsive and lithe at the task… to the point it all but dissolves the arguments MS remote control is vastly superior in the responsive dept. I don’t know how much more responsive Apple could make this.

Problem is, until Graydon’s script popped up on the interweb… there had to be two consenting peeps involved. No longer. Now, with this script installed and waiting for the proper Apple Event… I can now substitute ARD in favor of iChat if I really wanted (or needed) to.

Graydon, thanks for a cool solution. Hope you get lots of link love for your hard work.

Leopard Seed 10.5.1 9b13

November 7, 2007

Fellow ADCers, Apple’s just posted 9b13 (10.5.1 seed). FYI.

Leopard Server Virtualization

November 7, 2007

Sounds like Apple is finally actively pursuing a virtual machine strategy on Leopard Server we can all be proud of.

The Voice of Alex [CASE STUDY]

November 2, 2007

I’ve worked for this not-for-profit Association now for six years. Some people might get the (mistaken) impression NFPs are backwater or risk averse. My thinking is that’s plain rubbish. They’re what you make them.

I’m fortunate in that our executives are tinkerers and scientists… ie, not risk averse. They try stuff just to see what happens by their nature. So, when I came out with the first corporate podcast out of sleepy little Tulsa… there was an instant appetite revealed within our Association’s membership for more innovative stuff. We hopped onto RSS shortly after that. And most recently we’ve been circulating the abstracts of our peer reviewed journal as machine read text using none other than the voice of Alex.


My granddad, Dave, was a terrific man. He passed away while Michelle and I were honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta (was that really 1991!?). He was every ounce a pioneer, bush pilot for Phillips66, and an all around amazing ham radio operator. When his eyesight failed him in the late 1980’s he began listening to his journals and periodicals on audio tape. His eyes and fingers couldn’t do what he wanted. But, his brain kept up with every development in his areas of interest.

So, it was natural for me to think of Grandpa Dave when Steve Jobs announced and demo’d the Alex voice at WWDC ’06. The Association has an aging demographic. Many of whom can’t read what they receive in the mail due to poor/failing eyesight. We also have a burgeoning younger demographic who consume VAST amounts of digital stuff. Alex came at just the right time. I’ve been recording the abstracts from our journal for over a year now. People LOVE it.

I simply wish there were more voices. For those who feel similarly… there IS Cepstral. But, their distribution licensing killed the go forward. I’m a bootstrapper by nature and couldn’t bear the idea of paying for something when an equally good, free alternative was available.

Alex Voice in Leopard (How-to)

October 29, 2007

There are some people asking… how’d you record that nifty Alex voice?

First, it’s built into Leopard. You don’t have to purchase anything. Don’t get tricked into that one.

Second, be prepared to learn a very little bit about Terminal (if you can copy and paste… you can do this).

If you want Alex to read something to a file do the following in Terminal (but don’t type the quotes):

“say -v Alex Hello. My name is Alex. -o ~/Desktop/Alex.aiff”

What that will do is invoke the Alex voice to speak the sentence above and store the output to a file on your Desktop named Alex.aiff. You can now import that into iTunes and then export it to an MP3 (or whatever filetype you like).

Now, if you want Alex to read an entire text file simply do this instead:

“say -v Alex -f ~/PathTo/File.txt -o ~/Desktop/Alex.aiff”

Where the Path to file is literally where the file resides on your Mac running Leopard. Again, it will store the output to a file named Alex.aiff.

Have fun.