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Dear Tim Cook: AppleTV + Spotlight-like Search Please?

January 3, 2014

AppleTV-SpotlightHaysoos Marimba Apple. Sheesh.

Is it too much to ask for a simple, unified search across all the discombobulated silos that make up AppleTV content?

I’ve worked with Lucene and I’ve worked with Nutch and Acrobat Indexes. This isn’t hard to do. Heck, hire me for a couple months. We’ll get this done PDQ.

It could go a long way to helping your CONTENT PARTNERS… It would go a helluva long way to making the user experience immensely better. Isn’t that what you claim to be all about? Or is your “hobby” exempt from your best efforts? Hullo!!

I wanted to watch something, anything… with Stephen Hawking. I didn’t care if it was iTunes content, or Netflix content, or Hulu content, or Smithsonian content, or PBS content. But, why in hell do I have to search 19 times?

Update your more-than-capable OS just this wee little bit, please? Or let us write and distribute the app necessary to get the job done. This is getting ridiculous.

Offline Web Apps. How Important To YOU?

September 18, 2007

Zimbra, Zoho, Google Reader/Apps, Remember the Milk… all are either already or are showing tendencies toward offline accessibility to your data.

Technologies in play: Apache Derby, Lucene, Google Gears, SQLite

How important is that turning out to be to you folks… Being able to take your data on the road? Thanks! (On a fact finding mission with this one. Really appreciating your help in advance!)

Krugle. Search for Open Source Code

July 9, 2006

Krugle on Lucene The best part of this whole deal (for me) is that it’s built on top of Lucene.

If you’re not familiar with Lucene and you have an interest in building a search engine of any kind at all… check into Lucene and/or Nutch. They’re awesome!