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Mac Warcraft Multiboxing

January 5, 2014

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for the past several years and have a primary level 90 raiding toon (iLvl 558 Ret Paladin) and a secondary “alt” that I use for gathering herbs and ores (up to level 70 zones). My guilds full of people my age and in some cases older (which = more mature behavior more often).

Warcraft on Mac is significantly similar to the PC version (which I’ve downloaded in the past). The thing I like most about the Mac version… FAR less malware exploits.

I discovered something nice about the Mac version though for multi boxing purposes… I can completely duplicate the World of Warcraft directory in the Applications folder (rename it to (more…)

.Mac Mail’s Gone Wacky

October 6, 2007

Am not able to login to my dot mac webmail. It’s been acting odd the past week regardless of iPhone, or webmail methods of send/receive. Anyone else having similar problems?

Dot Mac Weirdness

July 4, 2007

Dot Mac’s doing some odd things last night and this morning.

Seems from the Apple Discussion Forums this has been going on longer than I’ve noticed. I did file a trouble ticket you might want to do the same

I WAS able to login to .mac (although not for extended email use). I clicked on the Address Book tab and THEN logged in, clicked one of the email addresses and saw all my mail. Couldn’t click on a message. But, it’s all there.

On the iPhone all I’m getting is a cannot connect to message. It downloads messages fine. Cannot send though.

[EDIT: Simply purging the cookies from Safari’s cache did the trick for me. Wish I had thought to try Firefox or Camino first… iPhone’s SMTP is still misbehaving.]

Mac Leopard & Teams?

November 4, 2006

Calling all ADC members! I’m in a pickle with Leopard & Teams specifically and need your help.

I’m a bonafide Select Member (in good standing) of the ADC and while I know we’re prohibited from comingling outside the WWDC (which is absolutely assinine Apple! More on my next post about THAT) I’m hoping some kind, anonymous soul out there can email me some advice.

See, I’m trying like the devil to get Teams configured on the latest build of Leopard Server. I can’t seem to get “weblogs” to activate which was the key to getting Teams to working for me on the original WWDC release. Something’s changed and I’m just not lucking into the right combo of settings. I’ve tried with Open Directory on and as a master, yada yada. No joy.

Email can be sent to geraldb28 over at mac dot com and should you comment or post with a traceback… I can’t be held responsible for how Apple might react to you. I occassionally flirt with the limits of their terms and conditions (like the above) and know they monitor this blog on certain keywords.

Dot Mac-like

October 26, 2006

Well, they’ve gone and versioned the dot Mac mail to look much more like

It’s OK. Not great. Just OK.

I spent the better half of the day watching the WWDC 06 videos and some of the dot Mac stuff could sure benefit from the work the fictitious Baazoogle corporation has rolled into Teams. If I said any more they’ll have me in shackles.

Suffice it to say, I allowed dot Mac to renew to my credit card last week and based on on what I’m seeing in these demos from the WWDC… I might be really happy I did.

.Mac Email Limits

October 23, 2006

Nowhere, anywhere, does it say in the T’s & C’s that I’m limited to sending 400 email messages per day!

There’s no practical limit on how many FRIGGIN SPAM MESSAGES I CAN RECEIVE!! Why throttle my outbound?!

WRONG approach Apple!

Apple – Seminars Training & Events

September 22, 2006

Free Apple Seminars online? You bet and they’re fantastic! Click for all the details