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Apple’s Next Gen Products

July 27, 2007

Apple flashed some guidance that has those of us in the contrails of the iPhone launch reading the tea leaves for heady news once again.

“Product transition” would normally not garner ANY press. But, it’s Apple after all. So, we’re all back to the guessing game of what, when, where and how (we don’t much care about Why: it’s Apple!).

Some speculation is the iMac is about to get an aluminum clad look. Others, the iPhone is about to go 6G and inherit multi-touch. Still others are going way out on a limb and suggesting Apple has an ultra secret UMPC up their sleeves. Whatever it is, it’s enough for Apple to suggest lowered guidance to the analysts in their last call (which I listened to while it was in progress). Total speculation here, but it might just be Apple is now tending toward pre-announcement of product and is wise enough to tell the analysts – in hushed tones – we’re going to announce stuff in one quarter that will tight-hole us till the next. One analyst (Bear Stearns I think) asked why they should put any credence in this guidance since last quarter was such a runaway miss. I love Apple’s answer which was basically, Go pound sand, it is what it is.

If the rumor mill is worth its salt (and often it’s not) then we should be getting a news of the new stuff in the August timeline. One thing is certain, Leopard is going golden master release one of the 31 days in October. The 9A499 seed from Tuesday is SWEET! and once again reminds me… for all the frustrations I have with Apple (there are many)… They have some of the coolest stuff under the hood I’ve ever had the privilege to bang on.

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The MacTablet Cometh

January 10, 2007

The one really cool thing about the iPhone that we all sense but haven’t quite put to words yet is that the MacTablet has just been outed without actually so much as saying so.

Thinkit. Touch interface, drive, OS X, WiFi, BlueTooth and oh yeah, it can do phone things too.

THAT would be a killer tool. THAT would command a whopping pricetag. THAT I would buy with a decent drive and media bay options RFN.

Free MacTablet With Leopard Preinstalled!?

December 28, 2006

There’s a lot of poop flying about regarding the thousand or so laptops Microsoft’s PR company has sent out.

First… Whoop Dee Doo! Good for those thousand or so chosen few. I’m sure there will be plenty of good, constructive things said about Vista and maybe even more good constructive things writ about the workhorse laptops chosen as the delivery vehicle. Put yourself in their shoes. Would you dare send that eval out on a weenie machine? Not if you want the best possible experience you wouldn’t.

Second… If the point is to harp on the authors/reporters/bloggers who don’t disclose they’re working on a loaned machine I can fully support the complaint. If Apple sent me a MacTablet with Leopard preinstalled and fine tuned to Mr. Jobs’ highly stable MWSF standard… not only would I disclose it, I’d Digg it, I’d FLICKR it, I’d probably disappear with it to some far away place until it was sadly time to send it back.

Third… There might be some question lingering as to whether the chosen few know they’re supposed to send the machines back. DUH!

This sounds like so much childish jealousy. Frankly, I think Microsoft is doing precisely what their shareholders expect… Now, about that MacTablet guys… I’ll be happy to provide you with a shipping address. Just have your peeps ring my peeps. 🙂