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MetaCarta’s Hiring Web Dev and Prod Mgr

April 18, 2008

My buddies at MetaCarta are hiring and if you have ANY desires to work with a great bunch of folks on a really cool product… give these guys a call. I know Doug, Claudine, Rick and Ron. They’re top shelf and doing great things with the company. Cambridge, MA is where they’re headquartered… right off the MIT campus.

Give em a call.

MetaCarta and Chris Schmidt

November 29, 2006

Chris Schmidt, the guy who did a lot of the really cool geo based phone mashups and now bangs on… has done something really nifty called PageMapper with a company near and dear to my heart: MetaCarta. PageMapper is a bookmarklet that will display a heads up map of the world and place pushpins on the various spots on the map pertinent to the page you’re viewing (gotta try this on a PDF viewed by browser…)

Chris, kudos for picking such a cool company of folks to align with (and good for them for bringing HIM in too!).


June 16, 2006

There was Mapquest. Then there were others like Mapquest. Then there was Google Maps and Google Earth. Then there were others like that. Now, Christopher Schmidt and Platial are doing some mighty cool things, I have to admit. And, while I’ve long been a huge proponent of MetaCarta and what they’re all about… There’s a much bigger movement afoot and it seems to me Christopher hit the nail on the head in his 15 minutes of fame on Wired News today… He is a “neogeographer” in the newly minted Neogeography space. Cool! Maybe that makes me a neogrocer! 🙂

Wish I had made it to Where 2.0 Sounds like a good time was had by all.

Google, MetaCarta and The Enterprise

May 17, 2006

This is a HUGE deal! HUGE!!

If you’re into GIS or map-based search this is indispensable and worth every ounce of your attention.

I think Google’s getting the better end of the deal here to be honest. The folks at MetaCarta are absolutely top-shelf talent (not that Google’s aren’t, ok?). But, Cambridge is a far better place because of what’s going on with this powerhouse of a company and the people in it.

Watch them closely. They’re destined for greatness!