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Sorry, Windows 8 Only Ushers OUT Windows 7

September 14, 2011

For all the good Zach Epstein tries to accomplish with his claim that Windows 8 is the one to usher in the Post PC era… all he does is underscore Apple ushered in the Post PC era and that Windows 8 is (in true Microsoft fashion) a close follower. Think Zune. Think Windows Mobile. Hell, think Windows!

No Zach, the convergence of devices and platforms has been under way for a LONG time. Everyone WANTS a spot at the table. But, friend… Apple was the one to finally say “Here’s how it’s done. The table is now set.” Microsoft may come in and gorge themselves at the table. But, as you so eloquently CORRECT yourself throughout your screed… Apple brought us to the Post PC era. It’s up to Window (8 or 9 or 10…) or some other platform to beat the champ.

Point to something other than the Office platform (PC or Mac) that is pulling it’s weight at Microsoft. XBox? Bing? BingHoo? Can Microsoft even execute anymore? I wonder… I think Microsoft is precipitously close to ushering ITSELF out of the PC era and closely following Apple into newer, more fertile field. IMHO

There Must Be a Full Moon

May 30, 2007


At least they were complimentary of one another. One might think they actually liked one another even! Is that possible?

A Microsoft-Yahoo Merger? Nope!

May 4, 2007

The only good thing that comes out of that deal is Semel goes back to Hollywood.

It’d be less expensive and harmful to both to JV it fast and furious. (If eyeballs and Panama’s all the bang MSFT wants…) ‘Course, now that Yahoo! is for sale… Google’s going to run the price up out of MSFT’s reach and who knows!? Buy em and can the lot hmmm?

Another upside (have to get the Apple spin in here somewhere) is if MSFT does dip down deep into the bankroll… Apple just keeps right on flanking Redmond growing at a faster rate. Think on that one & have a great weekend.

$1.5B. Want Fries With That?

February 22, 2007

c|net reports Microsoft lost an initial federal ruling in San Diego over its licensing of MP3 technologies. No biggie. ‘cept it’s to the tune (heheh, I crack me up) of $1.5B! That’s not 1 & 1/2 Bucks. Nope, not by a long shot bub. That’s 1 & 1/2 BILLION dollars. Haysoos Marimba!

So, where’s the Apple twist in this deal right? Well, Alcatel-Lucent seems at odds with the co-developer (Fraunhofer now Thompson) of the MP3 technologies and licensor of the MP3 algo’s. This is the same group Apple cut their deal with.

There are apparently other torpedo’s in the water on this deal.

No wonder Apple changed their name. It’s probably going to morph into Apple, Attorneys at Law before long. Sheesh!

Valentine’s Out of Microsoft Early

September 6, 2006

MacNN | Key MS exec resigns amidst Vista doubts

Ruh Roh Raggy! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

C’Mon Leopard!!!!

Microsoft Abondoning the Mac Platform?

August 21, 2006

A new comment at Applepeels: The truth at Apple is stranger than fiction sheds some interesting light on the path Apple has taken on the developers side of life and the impact of that path on commitments from large developers such Read on, there’s more!

adfreak: David Brent shows Microsoft how it’s done

August 17, 2006

adfreak: These guys are a laugh frickin riot. Warning… Long videos ahead c. 20 min. each.

OK, pretend you’re a management consultant, HR consultant to Microsoft. Plant your tongue firmly in cheek, develop a UKish accent and roll that film. You’d get something half as good as this. Too fun!

Evangelizing [FOR] Your Employer

June 19, 2006

Earlier I posted on Evangelizing Your Employer. That’s found a pretty good following coming over from Munjal Shah’s Recognizing Deven (which is mostly about Riya and what it can do).

But today I come into a posting from David from August Capital that cracks open what I have been wondering about for TWO YEARS! Employer ownership of works created while on the clock…. How DID Mr. Scoble manage to break camp and keep the Scobelizer brand!? (more…)

Who SHOULD Succeed Ballmer Then?

June 18, 2006

Monty Python had a funny routine that comes to mind… “I’m not DEAD yet!”

But the sharks smell blood therefor they must feed! For instance, CNN/Money has an article positing the question of “More must be better, right?” Meaning Mr. Gates should be logically followed in 2 to 5 years by Mr. Ballmer. (I don’t happen to agree). (more…)

If Microsoft Made A Car

June 16, 2006

OK, enough people have hit the original If Apple Made A Car post and have searched on the “other” possible manufacturers (Sun, MS, etc) and wound up here only to be disappointed that I’m going to take a swing at the obvious next entry. (more…)