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Openads Funded. $5mm

June 13, 2007

Congrats to the Openads team. Talk about timing! But, that $5 million’s not going to last nearly long enough. My little startup will have THAT problem soon 🙂

I’ve been a happy PHPMyAdsNew operator for about a year now. Pretty slick stuff. Easy to implement and rock solid on my XServes. Open source, so the price is right. Little PHP and MySQL know-how and you can print your own money.

That said… Here’s where the timing gets funny. Just hinted at Fred Wilson about Openads via his blog & I upgraded just yesterday to the M3 package and deployed my first two campaigns this morning before the news broke.

So, if your site needs to be ad powered and you’re inclined to sell your own inventory… Openads all the way!

EDIT: Openads blog here…