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Safari RSS v. Google Reader (PIX)

September 11, 2007

The undisputed heavy-weight contender of the world… Is Google Reader.

Call me a pessimist. Call me a Doubting Thomas. Mr. Scoble was right. Google Reader has it all over Safari, endo, NetNewsWire, even some other things I tried that can’t quite be disclosed until some time in October (wink, wink).

Starting fresh with Google Reader is super easy. Migrating from a heavily entrenched position in Safari isn’t hard either. It’s the mental and emotional migration of going from the one thing to something world better that takes a big leap of faith. How’d I make the break? Follow along:

  1. I first had to realize there was a problem. Safari RSS is actually quite good – up to a point. Past the 300 feed mark (or so) it just gets a little dicey and unpredictable. My biggest complaint was seeing updated feed notices despite the feeds not having been updated. That one thing precipitated the fall.
  2. Admitting there might just be something better.
  3. Downloading and evaluating the options.
  4. Swapping horses.

This last one required just a modicum of work. Download Safari2OPML, run it, open up Google Reader (in Firefox… my Safari install is partially borked and doesn’t play nicely with http upload… which could also explain some of the ass pain I’m having with Safari in general… I digress.)




Upload the resulting OPML file to Reader.



Now, you’re really not done. I mean, where do you go from here? Sure you add more feeds. But, what if you want to read content offline? No problem. Google Reader has Gears under the hood which syncs for offline enjoyment (AS LONG AS YOU’RE NOT USING SAFARI 3.0.3). There are hints at the Google Gears site Safari support is not far off. Well, OK, we’ll not hold our breath.

Firefox works just peachy with Gears. So, not only is Safari RSS out… Safari is out (for the time being). Apple’s also hiring a Safari Evangelist. At least they recognize the need…

Safari to OPML? Oh Yeah!

November 28, 2006

FreeSMUG has just posted Safari2OPML which does exactly what you would expect from an app of that name.

For those of you who are curious about just what other RSS readers this opml output is compatible with… there’s a table spelling out what works and what doesn’t (hint: NetNewsWire and Google Reader users will be THRILLED. I know I am!)

I may just become a Google Reader convert yet.

Safari’s RSS Reader Features

August 22, 2006

I was going through comments recently to see what folks have been most vocal about and the postings about Safari as an RSS reader have captured the most visits to date. And, I saw Maryam’s recent postings asking about RSS feed readers on Mac. So, let’s give the audience what they’re most insterested in: Safari as an RSS reader. Click for the detailed scoop.

OPML and Mac

July 20, 2006

With all the hubub surrounding OPML I figured I’d better figure out how to play, somehow & someway. The opportunity presented itself in the most unexpected setting. (more…)