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Leopard Server Virtualization

November 7, 2007

Sounds like Apple is finally actively pursuing a virtual machine strategy on Leopard Server we can all be proud of.

Leopard 9A466

June 13, 2007

Looks like the WWDC seed is 9A466 and Apple is on a takedown tear.I’m taking bets on how long MacShrine’s posting of the “grass” background (taken directly from the WWDC disc apparently) will be online. Anyone willing to bet it lasts beyond 3 p.m. central today?NEWEST EDIT: Some of you might like to know where the Leopard screenshot galleries are… EDIT: Let’s make this EVEN WORSE Apple! You just posted the Java SE6 Release 1 Developer Preview 7 to the ADC Member Site. It explicitly states the WWDC 2007 Mac OS X v10.5 distro is required! Now… you tell me… how the heck am I supposed to help YOU evaluate the DP7 release with no 9A466 distro!? Makes no sense. You’ve essentially limited your helpful audience to your internal panel and the 5,000 or so in-person attendees.Yep. Cupertino’s pinged this page in the night. I’m sure they’ll be back. Opportunist that I am: Will you guys PLEASE make the 9A466 image available to the rest of us ADC Select members? Not all of us could make WWDC you know…Please, consider adding the gwhiz blog to your RSS feed reading. Thanks!

Apple – Seminars Training & Events

September 22, 2006

Free Apple Seminars online? You bet and they’re fantastic! Click for all the details

Server Admin Tools versioned to 10.4.7

August 7, 2006

I’m downloading in the background. But, we got versioned today folks! Not even on the Apple updates page yet (I think they’re a little busy today. You think so too?)

Leopard Server at WWDC?

August 4, 2006

Please, anyone going to WWDC will you consider going to session 501? I know you can’t reveal anything you’ve learned once you’ve signed your NDA But wait, there’s more!

The Banner is Done!

August 3, 2006

OK the banner/masthead of the g-WH!Z blog is now complete. Drop in and let me know what you think. Lots of obscure application logos in there. How many can you name from memory?

We Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.

July 17, 2006

OS X Leopard (10.5?) is still right around the corner. Lots of speculation of what’s in, what’s out. Only the WWDC will tell us and most (if not all) of that is going to be released in the keynote: Attendees sign non-disclosure agreements.

Sounds like people in the know are putting the Bittorrent stuff in Leopard Server only. Operating three of those myself, probably to add another two. So, even if it’s only in the server distribution… I’ll get a go at it.

I’ll be interested to see how Spotlight morphs into something more central and useful across all the Apple apps. I’m beginning to really like the tagging aspects of photos, emails and calendar entries.

Syncing has been a bit of a pain. Hope that gets a well thought out labotomy.

I’m thinking Leopard is going to have some pretty meaty minimum requirements. Hope it’s not so minimum as to bump out my old dual processor G4 XServe. That would stink.