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Schiller’s $23M Payday. WOW!

May 5, 2008

Mr. Phil Schiller, chief marketing dude at Apple just landed one monster payday. And, bully for him and well-earned! Hey, Phil, congrats! any chance you could spring for that MacBook Air now? Yeah, the SSD we talked about. I realize the timing wasn’t quite ideal last time I asked… and timing’s everything in such matters… So, how ’bout it? Call me… Email address and phone are ^^^^^^ up there.

iPhone Baiting

June 11, 2007

Curiosity it killing the cat (and no, not the lolcat… we’re talking the real deal here).

Need someone(s) proficient with Flash, CSS, Java, FLEX and Silverlight to help with an iPhone experiment.

We’re going to build very specific pages which (if they work as expected) will cause an iPhone to be deposited at very specific pages ONLY the iPhone could have reached.

Anyone game? We’re itching to see what will and what won’t work.

Now, if a certain Mr. Scoble will come through with one of his Super D Duper iPhone seeds to play along with out little experiment.