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Platial Maps Added to WordPress

February 24, 2007

I LOVE maps. My dad’s a cartographer/draftsman. Maps are in my blood and have been since my earliest memories. So, when quietly unleashed Platial mapping as a sidebar widget… Oh baby, count me in!

Go ahead… tinker with it on the right side of the gWH!Z blog’s main page! I double dog dare you!


June 16, 2006

There was Mapquest. Then there were others like Mapquest. Then there was Google Maps and Google Earth. Then there were others like that. Now, Christopher Schmidt and Platial are doing some mighty cool things, I have to admit. And, while I’ve long been a huge proponent of MetaCarta and what they’re all about… There’s a much bigger movement afoot and it seems to me Christopher hit the nail on the head in his 15 minutes of fame on Wired News today… He is a “neogeographer” in the newly minted Neogeography space. Cool! Maybe that makes me a neogrocer! 🙂

Wish I had made it to Where 2.0 Sounds like a good time was had by all.