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RD, What’s Hot/Not for Mac EVDO?

November 8, 2006

RD, long time no see. Hope you’re doing well out there in the aether.

What’s the latest poop on Macs and EVDO? Anything good brewing? Anything GREAT!?

Also, any changes in the way these smart cards are registering with the OS? Or, do you and I need to sit down with a bag of Cheetos and some Jolt Cola and do some coding? (I’d trade the Cheetos in if you’ll bring Dana the coding Gawd! 🙂

Apple Tablet

September 27, 2006

Had a management consultant in today. He’s banging away on a Toshiba tablet PC. I recall when he first got it how happy and proud he was with it. Keyword… WAS.

He’s not happy. Not one bit. His pen cursor weirds out on him regularly. Norton and co are constantly pinging him for autoupdate attention (to which he banishes them for another “little while”). Then he turns and says, “How do you like your Apple? I really like the simplicity of it all. Is it really as easy as it looks?”

Oh, the joy! I whipped up a quick Keynote slide and dropped one of the Apple Ads in. He was floored. Something so simple and he’s hot to purchase.

He’s getting a PowerBook. But, he’d really rather have an Apple Tablet. (Yeah, me too!)

Apple – Seminars Training & Events

September 22, 2006

Free Apple Seminars online? You bet and they’re fantastic! Click for all the details

How To Install OS From DMG?

September 20, 2006

In a quandry. I have this 5.1 Gb disc image of an OS I want to install on my PowerBook. But, can’t get there from here.

Obviously can’t create a DVD: Too big of a bucket of files & don’t have dual layer DVD writer.
Can’t restart and boot of a DMG alone.

So, how do I do this? Any smarties out there wanna show up the old guy?

[EDIT: nevermind… see comments below]

Indispensable EVDO + Mac Info

August 30, 2006

Apple Adds EVDO Card Support in 10.4.7 –

Guy Kawasaki, bless his heart! I do love this man so and pray for his safety on our planet regularly (no, really, I do).

He’s provided the mother load link (above) to the root of all EVDO information you could ever hope to tap into. Read it. Love it and learn. All thanks to Mr. K!

Novatel V640, EVDO, MacBook Pro

August 2, 2006

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Since the MacBook Pro has standardized on the Express Card format and jettisoned PCMCIA… Apple’s been without an EVDO card option for their pro laptops… That is until now.

Verizon and the Novatel V640 are supposed to be pretty hot. The forums are filling up with underinformed campers out there, though.

I also happen to know a guy close to the whole EVDO side of life here in town… Maybe he’ll drop a line as to what works and what doesn’t with Macs and Sprint’s networks. RD, care to enlighten the EVDO hungry Mac horde? 🙂

Apple Store

iRent iTunes Movies

July 18, 2006

If I’m going to all the trouble to A) pay for a movie and B) pay for the bandwidth to download a movie I better own the danged thing at the end of the day. If I wanted to rent a movie I’d just do Cox Pay Per View and be done with it (and I’d probably dvr it in the process). Hell, Netflix and Blockbuster could match this deal in a heartbeat.

EXCEPT in a very special situation where there’s a tablet Mac or super-sized iPod involved. I travel enough that I might just have a reason to rent several movies for, ehem, keeping the kids under control. ‘Course I can’t recall the last time any of my children flew with me… But, that’s beside the point now isn’t it?