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Need a Rails dev PRONTO!

October 11, 2008

If you know of a hot shot Rails developer have them give me a shout. Need them on a project yesterday or sooner.

Gerald Buckley
(918) 813-9745 or

Firing up Rails

March 9, 2008

Was about this time last year I installed Rails, Ruby, Gem and an updated MySQL on my development laptop (which was running 10.4). Since then I wiped it and installed Leopard. As infrequently as I do any development work… this hasn’t really been an issue until now.

So, I go back to square one and do my

gems -v

rails -v

gcc -v

And, to my very pleasant surprise… With the stock Leopard install I have 0.9.2 gem installed, Rails 1.2.3 and gcc is at 4.0.1. I’m tickled not to have to go through all that again.

GCC4.0 Problem Solved

August 18, 2007

I’m in the process of installing Ruby, Rails, Subversion, Mongrel and MySQL on the MacBook Pro. Problems reared up fairly early into the new and improved process I originally followed from HiveLogic (which, btw, I highly recommend).

So, here’s what I was running up against while installing readline via the terminal:

C compiler cannot create executables

There’s nothing readily available via Google. So, it dawned on me… My default compiler was showing GCC3.3. Well, that’s obviously out of date. So, I peformed this

sudo gcc_select 4.0

And, now, my readline has configured and completed its make just fine. And, 25 minutes later still I’m full tilt gonzo. Awesome!

PeepCode = Accelerated Rails Smarts

August 9, 2007

I’m busting my hump to get smart on Rails, AJAX, PHP and SQL (of the My, Postgres and Lite varieties).

Thank the maker for PeepCode. They’ve made several VERY sharp presentation/tutorials available at $9 a pop (or $40 for a 5-pack). Yeah, so, I plopped by $40 down and have some Rails, Prototype and Textmate smarts coming down the line right now. The free previews sold me rather quickly. Hope this helps to connect you with some of the goodness I’m finding out of necessity.

Scaling Ruby On Rails

June 26, 2007

There are a few really good slide shows over at SlideShare on the topic of scaling Ruby on Rails. I’m also interested in scaling MySQL and large scale architecture if you have any particularly crisp presentations in your sights out there.

I had hoped to go to Google last week and participate in their Scalable Computing workshop/presentation. Other arrangements fell through. Ah well, Dare Obasanjo has some really good notes

XCode 3

February 24, 2007

XCode3 Finally getting around to installing XCode 3. The Ruby on Rails book from SitePoint Publishing’s kinda kicked me into action.

The author reminded me of something I had forgotten… Ruby on Rails is installed in Leopard along with MySQL by default. So, I’m ramping up to get smarter about RoR, Mongrel and AJAX. Anxious to see how our ‘next gen’ OS handles everything.

You might be asking… “XCode 3!? Huh?” Yeah, XC3 is part and parcel with Leopard. Join ADC as a Select or Premier Developer and you too could buy your way into the club. Worth every penny folks!

Ruby on Rails, a Mac & a Mongrel

February 6, 2007

Hive Logic

My link blog is was really pretty skinny… That’s one of my main to-do’s on the blog this year… to promote the heck out of all the great stuff I bump into throughout the course of my nocturnal cycle (kids are in bed, Michelle’s nodding off and my third shift is just starting).

However, if you’re the least bit interested in Ruby On Rails and what it can do on your Macs… Check this out! Back when I was just getting started with ROR it was not nearly as easy to get up to speed as the guys at HiveLogic have made it. Kudos to them for championing Ruby on the Mac. Fantastic stuff!

PS – There are reasons (namely Leopard) why Mongrel ought to be in Mac Developers’ lexicon RFN. Hint – It’s an integral component of the Teams platform as well as the Podcast Producer suite.