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GarageBand 4.1.1 & iPhone Ringtones

December 14, 2007

GarageBand’s newest update to v. 4.1.1 now has a Share option which includes Apple iPhone RingTones. So, now I can legitimately take something I’ve created in GarageBand (or made into a track in GarageBand… wink, wink) and turn it into one of the Blessed RingTones without having to pay the iTunes tax.

Thank you Apple.

[I’ll have pictures up on this process soon. Or, maybe better yet a Seesmic post. Expect it will be up Monday unless we score electricity at our house over the weekend.]

iLife ‘08 Step 1: GarageBand 4.1.1 (aka iLife ’08). Just for giggles, create a Magic Project.

GrageBand Magic Project Step 2:  Then pick a genre

.GarageBand Create Project Step 3:  Create your project.

GarageBand RingTone to iTunes Step 4: From the Share menu Send your Ringtone to iTunes. (be prepared to select a snippet of your creation)

Select a snippet for the ringtone

Voila! A ringtone from GarageBand IN iTunes. Step 5: And, there she blows! An official ringtone in iTunes without paying the ferryman.


Roll Your Own iPhone Ringtones (HOWTO VIDEO)

September 12, 2007

or via Stage6 (much higher resolution) once they’ve screened my upload.

Oh this is TOO easy. Apple, you poohed the screwch this time.

I just took White Wedding from Billy Idol (an mp3 in my iTunes Library) and turned it into a ring tone (I named it WeddingRing, ain’t that too cute?). Here’s how:

You’ll need iTunes 7.4.1 and AtomicParsley, a cross-platform, open-source executable which will modify a meta setting in your audio file. (yeah, you heard me! That’s all that sets a ringtone apart from other Tunes. heheh!)

I set my iTunes Advanced preferences to Import with the AAC Encoder (that yields the necessary .m4a file.

Then I selected my song from within iTunes and went to the “Advanced” menu selecting “Convert to AAC”

Now, I have two “White Weddings” in my playlist. One is an mp3 and the other is an m4a (You can tell the difference by selecting one and performing a “get info” on the song cmd+i on Macs).

Now, drag the .m4a song to your desktop. Rename it to something logical like “ringtone.m4a”.

Got AtomicParsley? Good. Now to run that baby in your OSX Terminal start by dragging the AtomicParsley file directly into the terminal window. Go ahead don’t be shy… It should simply write a line of path info in the Terminal.

Now, drag your ringtone.m4a file into the Terminal. Again, it should simply write a path to the m4a file to the Terminal window.

Now, type in –stick value=14

You should be seeing something like:

~/Desktop/AtomicParsley-MacOSX-0.9.0 geraldb28$ /Users/geraldb28/Desktop/AtomicParsley-MacOSX-0.9.0/AtomicParsley /Users/geraldb28/Desktop/Wedding.m4a –stik value=14

If not, I’ve either confused you (sorry) or you’ve missed a step. But, if your Terminal reads like the line above… press RETURN.

A new TEMP file has been created in the same directory as your m4a (should be on your Desktop if you followed along above). Now, simply take that new file, rename IT to something useful to you like “WeddingRingtone.m4a” or whatever…

DELETE the original NON-ringtone m4a file from your iTunes Playlist (yes, send it to the iTunes Trash).

Now, double click on your newly minted m4a file on your desktop (the one which was until a few seconds ago a temp file). It should launch iTunes and park it in your Ringtones Library.

All your applause really should go to gryphondwb. What a beautiful bit of hackery.

I can imagine Apple with rectify this little revenue black hole with iTunes 7.4.2. That, or they’ll let us have our little haxies while the mainstream gleefully ponies up their $.99.

[EDIT: Video of the not-so-hard way above will be posted tonight. Also, I’m working on a Mac app to do this without any Terminal gyrations. Stay “tuned”.]