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Riya’s Moving Stateside… To Save $$!?

May 24, 2007

The Raw Feed: India Too Expensive, Startup Moves To U.S.

OK, I only thought I’d heard everything

Welcome Riya!


Evangelizing [FOR] Your Employer

June 19, 2006

Earlier I posted on Evangelizing Your Employer. That’s found a pretty good following coming over from Munjal Shah’s Recognizing Deven (which is mostly about Riya and what it can do).

But today I come into a posting from David from August Capital that cracks open what I have been wondering about for TWO YEARS! Employer ownership of works created while on the clock…. How DID Mr. Scoble manage to break camp and keep the Scobelizer brand!? (more…)

Riya Uploader Now Mac & Universal!

June 16, 2006

This is great news! Riya has made a commitment to the Mac platform and has pumped in some serious goodness into their uploader as a result. (NOTE: Intel Mac owners will see the best performance for a lot of reasons…)