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“I’m inspired by me.” :)

March 24, 2008

I love this video Mr. Scoble shot at a cool sit-down dinner turned tech talk. [EDIT: Turns out it was a tech talk turned dinner.] This may be the very best of the candid stuff he’s shot. It’s not HD. It’s not edited. It’s not slick. It’s raw, impromptu and great. This is life + wine + food + business + focus + a little “not safe for work” thrown in . Really, really like this alot. Don’t know if 24/7/365 would be too much of a good thing (probably). I hope it keeps coming in healthy doses though.

London Geek Dinner. Any Questions?

November 28, 2007

I’ll be stopping over in London Dec. 7 (provided plans can be altered, I leave Saturday a.m.). Looks like I may just luck out and finally meet Messrs. Scoble, Winer and MacLeod at the London Geek Dinner that night.

Any questions for these folks? (No Kindle questions! There’s nothing left to ask.)

[EDIT: Just confirmed new plans. Layover in London will allow a visit to our offices there AND the Geek Dinner. Finally getting some Stormhoek! Oh, yeah, and meeting the guys. Wife is cool with this new program of events even. Something’s not quite right here… 🙂 ]

Patrick Scoble & Leopard iChat

October 27, 2007

Had the pleasure of a voice chat and screen share with Patrick and his dad (you might have heard of them).

Right out of the box two stock systems are sharing screens. No special settings. No NATing, no firewall rigamarole. It just works. That’s the beauty of what OS X represents to me these days. Stuff just works.