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Want a Seesmic Invite?

January 16, 2008

I have two Seesmic invites to pass along. Leave a clever comment and you’ll score the rarest invite on the web today.


GarageBand 4.1.1 & iPhone Ringtones

December 14, 2007

GarageBand’s newest update to v. 4.1.1 now has a Share option which includes Apple iPhone RingTones. So, now I can legitimately take something I’ve created in GarageBand (or made into a track in GarageBand… wink, wink) and turn it into one of the Blessed RingTones without having to pay the iTunes tax.

Thank you Apple.

[I’ll have pictures up on this process soon. Or, maybe better yet a Seesmic post. Expect it will be up Monday unless we score electricity at our house over the weekend.]

iLife ‘08 Step 1: GarageBand 4.1.1 (aka iLife ’08). Just for giggles, create a Magic Project.

GrageBand Magic Project Step 2:  Then pick a genre

.GarageBand Create Project Step 3:  Create your project.

GarageBand RingTone to iTunes Step 4: From the Share menu Send your Ringtone to iTunes. (be prepared to select a snippet of your creation)

Select a snippet for the ringtone

Voila! A ringtone from GarageBand IN iTunes. Step 5: And, there she blows! An official ringtone in iTunes without paying the ferryman.

iTunes. Safari. iChat Next For Windows?

October 22, 2007

I wonder if that’s too much of a stretch? There’s plenty of Apple goodness flowing the PC direction to make me wonder… What’s next to make its way “over there”.

QuickTime many moons ago. iTunes has leapt the chasm. But, that makes a helluva lot of sense from a revenue point of view. Safari’s over there and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. After all, what’s in it for Apple to commit development cycles to doing that? (scratching head & shrugging shoulders). But, if they’re willing to do that and porting things like Bonjour and with all the hype surrounding video and “video conversations” (hat tip Loic LeMeur and Seesmic)… why not port iChat to Windows? Who’s to say they haven’t already done it? And, yes, my tin foil hat fits a bit snug.

Now, if part of the Apple strategy is sucking some of the oxygen out of Microsoft’s tent… You don’t do that directly and win. It has to be overt and COVERT if possible. Little bits at a time until one day they wake up and realize one billion ants just ate their lunch. An iChat experience for the PC crowd makes a lot of sense right about now.