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Lost Dog in Pasadena

February 15, 2007

Willie the lost dog

What is it with the pet stories!? Mr. Scoble’s doing the cat thang & who was it doing the baby parrots a few months back…? I was fooling around with The Mechanical Turk* last night and found an unusal HIT. Enter our pet story.

One of our own, Christopher Starace, Director of Search Application Technology at is desperately seeking the family dog, Willie. Said pup was stolen in Pasadena and any help you can provide in the way of the following could prove instrumental in Willie’s recovery. The WillieWatch blog is here.

* Disclaimer – Mechanical Turk is a distributed, pay per manual task performed system. Willie’s recovery was one of the assignments available to accept BUT I’m doing this to help out a new friend in the search space and have no interest in the $ from Turk. Let’s just help a friend in need. OK?