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$5USD Gets You $500K SpyMaster

June 1, 2009

A new craze has hit Twitter and it’s called SpyMaster.

It’s free to play. It’s fun. And, there’s no telling where this thing is going. Right now, it’s a total rocket ship. I’ve checked for terms and conditions… there are none. So, seems we’re all clear to proceed. If you’re on the verge of quitting/abandoning your SpyMaster account… Please, consider wiring me your liquid assets balance. My Swiss Bank account is 000000027398 1153681740385

I was a good sport about a (successful) assassination attempt on my account (@GeraldBuckley) and was rewarded with a massive heaping of in game cash. I’m now set on in-game cash and basically continue playing just to level up and kick as much high-level booty as I can. It takes a LONG time to make enough to open a Swiss Bank account. However, once you have one (and I do) it’s trivial to wire money to other accounts and “open” them for the other player. Even $1 xferred would do the trick.

I’ve been wondering what I could possibly DO with all this excess in-game cash… and the entrepreneur in me has prevailed.

I’m selling it!

For $5USD I will happily wire $500K to your in-game Swiss Bank account. Because the Directorate has capped the amount of funds that can be transferred between two acounts I can send as much as $500K to as many accounts as I like. I accept PayPal ( or TwitPay (@geraldbuckley) or Amazon Payments. Remember to include your ENTIRE Swiss Bank account number or the transfer will be delayed unnecessarily as I’ll have to email or DM you.

So, to recap:

  • $5 USD via paypal, amazon payments, or twitpay for $500,000 in Spymaster funds
  • I need your Swiss Banking # (you can either follow me and dm it or you can email it to me)

I’ve been on Twitter for a LONG time and have a terrific reputation. I work hard and I play hard. But, at the root of it all is an entrepreneur. ’nuff said there. You may want a little more proof-positive I have what I’m selling. So, a picture is worth a thousand words…