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“Time Spent” vs. PageViews

July 9, 2007

Interesting. Nielsen NetRatings has officially declared pageviews a worthless metric in light of AJAX and more multimedia rich sites coming on in strength. ComScore apparently didn’t get the memo.

On the one hand… Google is the undisputed heavyweight champeen of the the dub dub dub. Think they give much care to how long someone spends on the Look how much revenue they make sending people ELSEWHERE! I’d think, like a call center, they’d want to move that person on their merry way as quickly as they possibly could. On the other hand, Google also has YouTube where time spent on the site = goodness.

Looks like there will be some cases where duration of stay will matter. Others… better be making a ton of cash moving people down the queue.

(Hat tip to Mr. Rubel)

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Steve Rubel’s Site pwned by Rosieites

May 26, 2007

Danged Minions of Rosie. They’ve got squatters rights on Steve Rubel’s posting on Rosie’s not-so-new blog. Begone ye vexed hordes!

Can’t they tell Rosie’s blog is down the street on the far left! 😉