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Sorry, Windows 8 Only Ushers OUT Windows 7

September 14, 2011

For all the good Zach Epstein tries to accomplish with his claim that Windows 8 is the one to usher in the Post PC era… all he does is underscore Apple ushered in the Post PC era and that Windows 8 is (in true Microsoft fashion) a close follower. Think Zune. Think Windows Mobile. Hell, think Windows!

No Zach, the convergence of devices and platforms has been under way for a LONG time. Everyone WANTS a spot at the table. But, friend… Apple was the one to finally say “Here’s how it’s done. The table is now set.” Microsoft may come in and gorge themselves at the table. But, as you so eloquently CORRECT yourself throughout your screed… Apple brought us to the Post PC era. It’s up to Window (8 or 9 or 10…) or some other platform to beat the champ.

Point to something other than the Office platform (PC or Mac) that is pulling it’s weight at Microsoft. XBox? Bing? BingHoo? Can Microsoft even execute anymore? I wonder… I think Microsoft is precipitously close to ushering ITSELF out of the PC era and closely following Apple into newer, more fertile field. IMHO

Apple Tablet

September 27, 2006

Had a management consultant in today. He’s banging away on a Toshiba tablet PC. I recall when he first got it how happy and proud he was with it. Keyword… WAS.

He’s not happy. Not one bit. His pen cursor weirds out on him regularly. Norton and co are constantly pinging him for autoupdate attention (to which he banishes them for another “little while”). Then he turns and says, “How do you like your Apple? I really like the simplicity of it all. Is it really as easy as it looks?”

Oh, the joy! I whipped up a quick Keynote slide and dropped one of the Apple Ads in. He was floored. Something so simple and he’s hot to purchase.

He’s getting a PowerBook. But, he’d really rather have an Apple Tablet. (Yeah, me too!)