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Pre-Registration Opens at

September 10, 2008

For those of you who haven’t heard, I launched a little startup today called “Grocio” (pronounced Grow-See-Oh). Registration is free!

We’re a comparison shopping engine for groceries. Starting with your zip code and shopping list, we’ll identify the least expensive local grocer. At the same time we MATCH coupons to the EXACT items you’re shopping for. So two things are happening here:

  • You’re saving a TON of money at the checkout counter by picking the right grocer.
  • You’re adding to the savings with coupons you didn’t spend an hour trying to find in the newspaper.

We’re in a local business plan competition (kind of like TechCrunch50) and could use all the registrants possible. If you like the concept, drop in and give us a vote of confidence by registering please.

Apple Tells Podcast Ready “Cease & Desist”

September 23, 2006

From the Listening Post at Wired…

OK, so a bunch of us have bandied about the old “p” word. Used it a time or two myself. Now Apple wants to shut down or otherwise govern its use!? When they don’t even hold the rights to the word!? Huh!? (more…)

Google’s Not Embarassed… They’re Refining!

March 7, 2006

You know. So what… Google’s Desktop thingy doesn’t reindex moved files on the fly. Apple’s Spotlight does. I gather (though I won’t waste the cycles) that MSN’s equivalent does too. Yahoo’s?

Once upon a time there were ZERO airlines offering frequent flier miles. ZERO. Now, they all do and it’s a big game (for them and us).

Now, the biggies out there (GYM) are in this feature-bloat race to the middle. Very little of this stuff is actually worth a poop. Spotlight even falls short in most respects (EEK!) What I really find compelling and useful is Quicksilver on the Mac. It finds stuff in “too fast time” and has basically replaced the desktop and mousing around as I used to know it.

Now, Google would do VERY well to snap THAT group up tomorrow and port it to every platform known to mankind (as well as those we don’t yet know about).

A Podbop Near You!

February 17, 2006

Mr. Arrington’s entry at TechCrunch regarding Podbop sucked me in. My earlier rant on Songbird left me hungry for satisfaction of the musical variety. So…
Hop over to Podbop to check on Tulsa events. No dice! DAMMIT ALL!