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Click To Call Technology

October 23, 2007

Just signed up with a Click To Call supplier and am blown away by how easy telephony has become these past few years.

To see what I’m talking about in action… Click This and you can simply put in your phone # to connect. I’ll turn this off in a couple days time as the meter is running.

Parliant PhoneValet & iPhone

July 27, 2007

I have to admit… iPhone’s Visual Voicemail is darned nice!

Now, what if you could do that with your home phone or office line? Me? I habitually forward my office phone to my iPhone even when I’m roaming the building. So, I seldom miss a beat. But, when I’m on the road and want to catch messages left at the house… THAT’S a whole different tomato. Because Michelle still has to catch messages too I can’t just usurp the home line and forward to the iPhone.

Phone Valet reminds me of those awesome, awesome telephony tools I remember working with on Mac OS 8 and 9. We created some pretty sophisticated voice response systems with fax back document requests. Ah… so, cool.

Well, PhoneValet also makes it so that I can use a browser (yes, especially the iPhone’s) and use their version of visual voice mail. Pretty cool stuff! That way I wouldn’t have to wade through 19 calls from upteen hang-ups from relatives before I finally made it to Jeremy Liew and Fred Wilson suggesting we respond to their term sheets. ūüėČ

The demo’s pretty sharp and the resulting voice mail file played back just fine on my iPhone. I don’t know how often they scrub the recent messages. Mine are still there for now.

Have to try those Dale Carnegie Jedi mind tricks on Michelle now, “This is the telephony solution you’re looking for.” (wave of hand)

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[EDIT: My Safari bookmarks are getting wildly out of control. So, this morning while munching down some joe I’m checking bmarks and this one on Ovolab’s Phlink shows up. In the same Mac telephony space as PhoneValet.]

BluePhoneElite + OSX = Nirvana!

December 28, 2006

Finallly! Finally! FINE UH LEE!!

BluePhoneElite beta 2

BluePhoneElite¬†beta¬†2¬†is¬†exactly¬†what¬†I¬†have¬†been¬†seeking¬†all¬†these¬†many¬†long¬†months.¬†I¬†don’t¬†need¬†no¬†stinking¬†iPhone!¬†ūüôā (I¬†probably¬†do¬†actually… just ’cause).¬†There were only two things I wasn’t thrilled with in the release version and beta 2 gives me pause.

  • I said I wanted talk through. Got it! Called my office land line. Left a message and it’s most definitely passable.
  • I said I wanted the ability to record conversations. Haven’t quite figured out the finer points but I think with SoundFlowerBed + my audio recording apps I’m going to have a serious shot at making podcast recordings VERY easily no matter where I might be (London, Bahrain, Tulsa, Houston… wherever really).

This is so cool!

Now I have to contact those wacky folks at Mira and arrange an interview!

Weld Your Phone to OSX

December 27, 2006

No effing kidding! It’s not often that an app gives me the creepy crawly shivers (QuickSilver was the last one).


BluePhoneElite just did though. Bluetooth phone + Mac OS X… Dial, answer, hang up. Call timer and logging. Caller ID + alerts. SMS from your computer through your phone. Address Book integration. The ONLY things it’s missing are the ability to allow me to answer a call through my laptop, record it and yack at the same time and QuickSilver integration. THAT is the only reason I’d want version 2 to my knowledge. At $20… c’mon!? This is one of the easiest absolutely gonna purchase decisions I’ve had in many moons.

Now, if the iPhone doesn’t come with all of the above… well, Apple will have fallen short of my newfound expectations.

BluePhoneElite Toolbar

[EDIT: The more I tinker with BluePhoneElite the more I like it. Just found BluePhoneEdit beta 2! HOLY TOLEDO! I’m thinking about doing an interview with these guys on version 2.0. Also, noting that there’s a lot of traffic coming from non-referrals and gmail and yahoo mail accounts. If you’re one of these folks I’d kinda like to know what kind of an email was sent out and by whom. Thanks!]

PowerBook with a Built-in Cell Phone

May 10, 2006

You know, I just wonder if we’re not coming at the whole convergence problem from the wrong direction.

We’ve been trying to stuff all this office-grade computing power into a BlackBerry or a Palm (or a Newton for those who remember that glorious chapter). But, what if we simply stuff all the miniature functionality into a laptop (…ok, ok, a PowerBook aka a MacBook)?

The only thing missing is the built in phone!

I have my iTunes (OMG! how I have my iTunes), there’s the video content, there’s the SMS and IM, there’s the email. All I’m missing is the ability to dial straight out of my PowerBook, er MacBook and talk through it.

If Apple hooked up with TMobile, Verizon, AT&T and Cingular (US centric approach, I know) and said, “Hey lookie, we’ve got this idea…” I wonder where that would go?

My Quadra 840AV had GREAT telephony software on it. I forget what it was but it was an AWESOME answering machine and had all sorts of call routing, messaging, faxing stuff built into it. That was back in my Apple SE days. But, the platform’s only stronger today! Why not!?