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Time Capsule v. Time Machine Server

March 31, 2008

Doubt I’ll be buying a Time Capsule any time soon. Apple emailed me this morning touting the “Automatic wireless backup” of my Mac. Unless I have a MacBook Air (which I don’t and won’t) why the hell would I want to backup via wireless?

Yeah, OK, doing an incremental backup of small docs, or incremental changes in my iTunes Library and address book I can see. But, when I’m wrenching on big Photoshop docs or Final Cut Studio projects on my MacBook Pro… Um, no. Don’t think that’s gonna fly.

So, I guess the question is this… How long is it before the Time Capsule goes the way of the dog that was the iPod HiFi? Obviously this is a consumer grade product but with an appeal to a very small, niche group (within an already small niche group of Mac owners). I don’t get it.

Now, in the office environment there’s a totally different story at play. Time Machine Server! Whoa daddy! That is some cool stuff Apple’s got going on. Retrospect Server can kiss my bippee. We now have an enterprise class “cool factor” beyond reckoning and the safety in numbers I’d expect from Apple. Question is… how does it play via VPN.

Anyone out there with any firsthand experience? VPN and Time Machine together?

Tiger’s Filevault vs. Leopard’s Time Machine

October 27, 2007

My Time Machine sessions are failing in Leopard due to old Tiger FileVault settings. Going to talk a bit and then spill the beans. (It comes down to turning OFF FileVault in Tiger BEFORE you perform an upgrade)

The Leopard upgrade went really well. A little quicker than expected even.  Only have this one reservation so far: I ran with FileVault “on” in Tiger. When I did the Upgrade (as opposed to the clean install and manual migration of files/apps) Time Machine is now complaining when I turn Time Machine on. At first it was the “Your chosen Time Machine disk doesn’t have enough space.” So, throwing away a lot of crud solve that. Now the complaint is that Leopard doesn’t like the version of FileVault I had been using… The suggestion from the system is to turn FileVault off and then back on. OK. Trying that gets me the error… “There’s not enough space to turn FileVault ‘off’.” So, CRAP! I can’t get there from here without shuffling a LOT of music, movies and pictures off to a temporary drive and then turning off FileVault.

This isn’t something I could have anticipated on my real day to day production machine. My development machine has had various flavors of Leopard running for over a year now with no seriously bad flaws. It’s not until you get into a real world situation like this where the bugaboos rear their heads and force you to improvise.

Hopefully this saves someone some grief at a beneficial time (before you install Leopard and not after).

Are You Prepared To Install Leopard?

October 25, 2007

We’re down to the last 48 hours. You might prep for Leopard by doing these couple things NOW. When you buy the commercial install of Leopard (as opposed to the developer seeds bumping around the torrent sites) have two things in mind:

FIRST: Backup your current production drive off to something else. Something suitably large. Something stable. Something you can boot back up off of should you need to. For what it’s worth I’d recommend Carbon Copy Cloner for this task and a FireWire drive of your favorite flavor. USB drives are notably spotty as startup drives these days. The technical reasons for this escape me.

SECOND: After you’ve installed Leopard have a second HUGE volume off to the side (physically a seperate drive, not just a partition on your boot drive). 500-750Gb. This will be for your Time Machine backups. Nothing else goes on it. It’s dedicated for the goodness in Leopard.

Yes, by doing this, Leopard’s total cost of ownership just went up. Your transition from Tiger to Leopard will be much improved and Time Machine is so much better a method of backing up… it’s worth the extra bucks.

LiveBlogging WWDC 2007

June 11, 2007

Please, consider adding the gwhiz blog to your RSS feed reading. Thanks!WHAT!? No John Mayer to play out the keynote?ONE LAST THING… iPHONE. Developers? Now have an innovative solution… Via Safari browser you can write AJAX apps running like desktop apps. Instant distribution. No SDK necessary. Live June 29. Author to Safari for look and feel of the phone. DEMO of “The Apple Directory”. LDAP powered. One man-month to dev. THAT all looks like it’s running off of the TEAMS Leopard Server… Hmmm…ONE MORE THING… SAFARI. At 5% and growing. 18M Safari users. IE at 78%, FireFox at 15%. OOOOHHHH Safari for Windows! Makes sense: They did it with iTunes. Doing it for Safari. Leopard. XP and Vista. Benchmarks look good. Rearrangeable tabs. Tearoff tabs. Fastest browser on Windows. Distributing by way of $129 (for Premium edition, Ultimate version AND Business version) :)Only developers at WWDC gets a beta copy of Leopard!? I hope that doesn’t mean what it sounded like!…10) TIME MACHINE. Autobackup. Just does it. Getting something back easy and not onerous at all. Restore one file or a whole Mac. Intuitive tools to go back in file’s lifetime. Find it. Restore it.9) iCHAT. Video conferencing is HARD. Photobooth has sexed up iChat. Tabs. DEMO. Phil again… iChat Theater’s nice, shares real time transition, effects with other parties. Show video too. If it works with QuickLook… works with iChat. Backdrops are like greenscreen and keying.8) DASHBOARD. Since Tiger. Widgets at 3,000 or so. Movie Times will be Apple’s newest widget with Preview, Fandango tie in. (Probably teeing up an iPhone thing). Webclips via Safari DEMO. Makes Dashboard widgets directly from Safari.7) SPACES. Easily segment apps into seperate screen views. Move apps between views. View all available spaces quickly. Looks nicely done… audio plays only though active space for instance although audio might be active on another hidden space.6) BOOT CAMP. Built in. XP and Vista at native speeds. Easy to install drivers (on CD/DVD).5) CORE ANIMATION. Simple to implement. High yield, low effort. Remember the AppleTV intro… done with Core Animation. VERY sexy stuff.4) FULL 64-BIT GOODNESS. Through Cocoa. Totally mainstream. First ones there. Apple will only have ONE os and it WILL run both 64 and 32-bit apps. Handled differently. Still works fine though. 64-bit goes straight to memory. 32 to disk. 64 LOTS faster (x5). DEMO on large pic 32k/32k pixels (zooming, filters, etc). VERY fluid.3) QUICKLOOK. Peek inside any file on your Mac. Plugin architecture available. In coverflow just press spacebar. DEMO: Boom, Boom, BOOM! 🙂 Can do in full-screen too.2) NEW FINER (YEAH! x2) Cleaned up. More powerful. Spotlight searches YOUR mac. Finder searches other Macs. Coverflow in Finder (fourth ‘view’ button). New sidebar remininiscent of iTunes. .Mac integration updates IP’s etc. Smart search… smarter (“today, “yesterday”, etc). Shares are much more like iTunes shares. ENCRYPTED! Browse home computer from anywhere. Smart icons (finally) hint at document contents. DEMO. New tabs in .Mac prefs pane… Sharing between Work and Home.Stacks are kinda cool for file and folder cleanup. Newest doc on top of fan of stuff. Use it as launcher. Special download stack for Safari.1) New Desktop – (YEAH!) Transparent menu bar, new dock + angled edges, STACKS?, consistency, brushed metal is DEAD. Active window prominence. High res/resolution-independent. DEMO.Tiger’s new FEATURES22 million mac users. 67% Tiger. 23% Panther. 10% other.Id Games… New stuff ID Tech 5. Virutal worlds looking stuff. Quake video running in realtime. Dev’d in last 10 days.Electronic Arts is coming back to Mac. Big! Gaming migration back to Mac in general. C&C3, Battlefield 2142, N4S Carbon, Harry Potter + Phoenix (all in July) Simultaneous release schedules. Apologizes for the trash talk. Impressive demo of Harry P. Madden and Tiger Woods in August.Paul Otellini gets a stainless steel award of some kind… Knife set!? Paul O, “Apple partnership is best of my career.”((Apple Store is DOWN))Last year was “Intel”. Lots of Universal apps now. Intel busted their tail making this a successful transistion. Extraordinary. Intel CEO onstage.Real Steve… 159 sessions this week. 94 hands on labs. 1 engineer per four attendees.PC guy’s fake Steve on video. Closing apple down. Vista, Zune outgunning Apple. Tossing it in. Lots of fun.”Welcome” over P.A. Here we go!Are those brushed metal iMacs on the podium!?9:45 and all are seated. Muzac playing.From MacRumorsLiveWhat could it be? Hmm…t-minus 30 mins. Smoke em if you got em. The MASSIVE keynote line’s moving.

Using Mail.App? Backup Now!

December 15, 2006

John Battelle just prompted my noggin to do something I intended to do yesterday. (Thanks Mr. Battelle! Sorry for your troubles though.)

Some of his critical emails just went off to visit oblivion (hopefully this is a temporary relocation). But, it did remind me that yesterday Hawk Wings posted a link to a much improved method of backing up you stuff. Thanks to Mr. Doug Blatti for the script! Obviously for us Mac users.

Until Time Machine is in the wild and we’re all enjoying it’s goodness… You might do yourself a favor and create a backup. Better safe than sorry.

Private – Apple Developers Only

September 29, 2006

Hi, want to begin talking about some pretty private things related to Apple development. Specifically on XServe and OSX Server. Want to take the conversation in the “highly secure” direction so as not to tip my hat (or yours) to the general public. You in?

Backed Up Lately?

August 8, 2006

I’m so pumped about “Time Machine,” the built into Leopard backup app that it inspired me to perform a full backup of my OS, Library, etc. with a free utility.

“How’d you backup your startup drive?” you ask…

RSyncX 2.1. That’s how. Free goodness for all to enjoy. And, if you like there are some really fine scripts to make your life a little easier.

If you do download RSyncX please take a minute to read the ReadMe that comes with the package. It could make the difference between a good experience and a frustrating one (particularly if you’ve ever installed a version prior to 2.1 on your Mac).