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Helvetica: The Movie

January 17, 2008

Helvetica at The¬†CircleI’m a font snob. I am. I love type. As a designer in training in 1987 I gravitated to typography. As a little kid I obsessed over the lettering skills of the comic books and the large handwritten signs at the grocery store. In college I dissected type books and hunted for just the right ampersand or italic numeric shapes for various design projects. It became my professional obsession. And, Adobe fueled my sickness with their Font CDs. They had this beautifully produced CD with the history behind the faces… masterfully created. Wish I had one today (I swear I’d relapse immediately).

So, when my buddies Aaron Luck and Libby Bender told me the local Art Directors Club of Tulsa was airing “Helvetica” at the local indie Circle Theater… well, I ditched the fam and went to the movies. To see some of the designers I’ve really enjoyed following over the years (Scher, Carson, Spiekerman, Vignelli, etc.) wax on or bag Helvetica as a typeface… Well, it’s a designer thing. I don’t think my son’s teacher at school would appreciate it any more than I would appreciate one of her professional development reels. I’m certain there are lots of inside jokes I don’t laugh at on Barney, The Wiggles or Thomas the Tank Engine. So, let’s call it even. “Helvetica” is full of inside jokes that made the crowd of designers, art directors, student and printers laugh out loud. An elementary teacher would likely wonder what the hell was so funny about THAT!? Again, it’s a design thing.

Fonts are all around us. They set an invisible tone. They can agitate. They can motivate. The same font can do both equally effectively in the right hands. They can change the course of things. At one point David Carson went back to one of his stories and explained why they set an ENTIRE story in Zapf Dingbats (for those not in the know… there’s not a letterform in that font… just shapes). So, the whole story was… illegible in print. Digitally, you’d be able to select it, copy it, paste it into some other document and change the font to… Helvetica and read it. In print it was just different and something odd.

There are a lot of fonts out there. There are a lot of colors out there. There are a lot of kinds of paper out there. Graphic designers have a gob of tools and decisions to make in the course of creating the right look and feel for a thing. I hope, in your lifetime, you take the opportunity to solicit the help of a truly great designer on one of your projects. My dream was to have worked with Clement Mok or Roger Black on some project along the way. I simply love their approach to solving problems. Some day maybe.

I’m glad to have had the opportunity to understand Helvetica the font from so many different points of view tonight. I’m certain I would have eventually rented it via iTunes.

Cold, Wet. But, Alive.

December 12, 2007

unless you live under a rock… You’ve. Probably heard Oklahoma was hit by a monster, freak ice storm. Were one of the affected 200000 households in Tulsa.No power for three days. No heat. Even the city water treatment is iffy. Batteries are spent. But, fortunately we’re able to cook and give the kids warm meals. The neighborhood is vacant except for us and the couple across.Ventured out yesterday to help clear a path out of the neighborhood and to bring back food/news. Hard going.Remembered my dual burner camp stove and loads of fuel… So we have fewer worries with lots of bottled water, etc.LOTS of extremely needy. Please, if you can, donate to Catholic Charities of Tulsa or earmark a donation to the ResCross specifically for Tulsa winter Storm Relief.Thanks for all the kind email and voicemail inquiries. Simply cold to the bone and in the dark 2/3 of the day.

XServes Arriving

June 26, 2007

Racked XServesThe new heavy metal is arriving. Old is going to OKC for failover/disaster recovery duty until it too is replaced with newer heavy metal.

Took receipt of the 8×500 Gb XServe RAID today. 4Tb baby! It’s in the rack. Lights on went well. Have to wait for the config until later. Why? Read on…

Waiting on the three Quad Xeon XServes to arrive over course of next two days for final rack mount. The one I’m particularly jazzed about has the quad-channel 4Gb Fibre for the RAID. That is so gonna rock.

The Zywall is getting an upgrade too.

As much as I don’t like sys admin duties… I’ve learned a helluva lot, am grateful for the experience and super duper ready to hand off. Makes it so much nicer when the sys is as nice as this. Admin is almost a treat.

Oh, what OS you ask? 10.4.109. 10.4.10 is just now making it to seed on ADC. Too early for the Leopard Server deploy. Rest assured. It will be deployed. Oh yes. It will be deployed.

[EDIT: I can’t say enough great things about my hosting outfit. They are simply awesome at TulsaConnect. It’s a family owned business. The guys are super smart, fun and proactively helpful. Two data centers downtown. Redundancy to the nth degree. Secure. Conditioned. Lockable racks. Private caging. They have it all. No interest, yada, yada.]

I Quit!

June 20, 2007


Just like Michael Bloomberg… I’ve had enough of my Rebpublican party. I wanted to do this some time back and now… it’s done. I’m Independent and frankly always have been I just didn’t affiliate that way on the books. I do now.

Both parties have been working at polar opposites of the political spectrum far too long. And, the ONLY thing they’ll respond to, at the end of the day is… NO, NOT THE MONEY… it’s the voting. The Republicans had their mandate and squandered it: Spending went nutso; Tax law went haywire; Energy policy didn’t get tended to; and Immigration law was ignored. (But we sure can get a ‘do not call’ law passed at flank speed!)

Now, the Democrats have largely pissed away their 100-day sweeping reform pledge.

The whole lot needs to be tossed out and regular joes put in their places.

I’m a hugely patriotic American. Love this country. Always will. But when something rotten is going on before our eyes… Gotta call a spade a spade. We’re going down some very wrong paths.

Alioli WORST. Tapas. Restaurant. EVER!

May 12, 2007

(EDIT: This story is getting lots of local attention and apparently enough people have clicked through looking for the rest of the story that it’s kinda high on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Read on. It’s NOT pretty and now the TV stations are running with it but not telling the whole story. Sure Mrs. Price issued an email retraction ABOUT THE TIP. Terry Turner’s not addressed his saying terrible things to these ladies in front of other patrons and the local stations have totally sandbagged the full story. Terry, if you or any of your buds are out there… this story just went viral and is getting tons of hits. Probably ought to weigh in.)

I’ve asked if the following has been confirmed and it appears it has. I’m an ardent defender of Tulsa (not an apologist by a long shot). It’s my town and I want people to have an awesome time here whether visitors or residents. So, it is with a passionate bit of pressing the “publish” button that I warn you… If you go to Alioli’s Tapas Bar here in Tulsa… You do so with a little more input than you had before.

I am sending this story to you because I hope that when you choose a restaurant, you will keep this in mind. My friends and I were treated very badly at AliOli Tapas & Bar (3629 S. Peoria Ave.) this weekend and I want as many people as possible to know about it.

This weekend I went out to eat with some friends – there were four of Us including me. We went to Alioli’s on Brookside. We received Horrible service – some examples: the waitress told us we needed to wait 20 Minutes before ordering because the kitchen was too busy, I ordered a martini and got a margarita and the waitress lied to me and told me it was a martini,we asked no less than 4x for butter, we had to ask repeatedly to get water,we had to flag down another waitress to get the bread we’d asked for (which we thought ought to be complimentary since we weren’t allowed to order yet,but it wasn’t), our food was all served at different times so none of us actually ate together, one of the plates of food my friends ordered didn’t come out at all yet we had to ask for it to be removed from our ticket.

Because of the horrible service, we each only gave a 10% tip on our tickets. After we paid, the couple that was with us left, and Wendy and I were sitting at the table finishing our drinks. The owner came over to us and waved our tickets at us and told us that “In Oklahoma we give 15-20% as a tip”. I told him that we give tips based on service, and the service was bad. I said “let’s start with the fact that we were told by our waitress that we couldn’t order because the kitchen was backed up.” He said “That’s just the way it was tonight.” I said, “Well, that’s just the way the tips are going to be tonight.” At that point he said “Get out!” I said,”Fine we are leaving but we will make sure all of our friends know the way Alioli’s does business.” He then screamed “GET OUT” causing the Entire restaurant to stare at us. We called our friends who had already left and one of them called the owner. During that conversation he told her “We don’t want your fat ass in this restaurant.”

I have now checked my bank and it appears that the owner changed the Amount of tip on my signed ticket, adding an additional $8 to the tip I left.

Kristyn Price
Assistant to John E. Dowdell
Norman Wohlgemuth Chandler & Dowdell
2900 Mid-Continent Tower
401 S. Boston Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74103-4065
Telephone: 918-583-7571
Facsimile: 918-584-7846

I’ll call Alioli’s later in the day and let them know this has been posted and suggest they make an opportunity to set things right with Kristyn and her friends. Based on the reviews accumulating at Yahoo!’s local ratings… this place has a history of problems.

EDIT: Kristyn’s confirmed everything EXCEPT cleared the air that the additional $8 did NOT go through on her credit card. That it was only “authorized” for more than the actual billing. But, in the end billed for the agreed upon amount. She’s also expecting a defamation lawsuit. Mr. Turner apparently wants to pursue all emails sent out about the matter. For WHAT GOOD PURPOSE!? Run Alioli’s well and this will go away.

Entreprenuers (of which I count myself) and their distractions! Sheesh!

Snowing Like It Means It!

November 30, 2006


It’s snowing like crazy. At least by Tulsa standards.

Probably a good thing anyways. A little ice on the roads is often fatal around here… Folks tend to get really stupid about their driving (cell phones, speed or lack of). A LOT of ice on the roads just socks people away for a while and keeps people alive in a funny sort of way.

Sure is pretty!

ANY Radio Station Streamed RFN!

November 30, 2006

Oh… SO COOL! KMOD is a local radio station with one of the best morning programs in the nation (the Roy D. Mercer character has done some laugh your butt off funny stuff over the years). KRMG is a station that’s GREAT for local Tulsa reports (particularly for weather right now). But, they don’t stream in a Mac friendly way. will take ANY four letter call symbol and turn it into a stream if you use it to make a fully qualified domain in your browser window. Friggin awesome! (hat tip to Tim O’Reilly… I love that guy!). I can take that Radio Shark off my Christmas list now!

Wish I could take the Akamai URL they’re using and pop it into iTunes… Anyone out there figures this one out lemme know in the comments. If I figure it out before you… I’ll edit the post with instructions.