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October 4, 2007

Oh, mama!

I really like what Apple’s put at our fingertips with the ZFS 1.1 seed. Right now it’s all tucked into Terminal and diskutil. But, holy smokes! When this makes it to I can see lots of people doing lots of very cool things with highly expandable storage pools. It’s so stupifyingly simple.

I was talking with Kevin Mooney at TulsaConnect (one of my data hosting facilities) and he was talking about how they have some very clever methods of growing and allocating storage across their facility. Absolutely blew my mind.

Storage is a beast I’ve always thought of as, “Need more? Go get a drive. Format it. Mount it. Fill it. Rinse. Repeat.” That is, until the XServe RAIDS. Then I added a little smarts (not much, just some). But, now…! I’m thinking some of what Kevin was talking about is at hand (ie, consumer level). MY hand no less! Cool.

XServes Arriving

June 26, 2007

Racked XServesThe new heavy metal is arriving. Old is going to OKC for failover/disaster recovery duty until it too is replaced with newer heavy metal.

Took receipt of the 8×500 Gb XServe RAID today. 4Tb baby! It’s in the rack. Lights on went well. Have to wait for the config until later. Why? Read on…

Waiting on the three Quad Xeon XServes to arrive over course of next two days for final rack mount. The one I’m particularly jazzed about has the quad-channel 4Gb Fibre for the RAID. That is so gonna rock.

The Zywall is getting an upgrade too.

As much as I don’t like sys admin duties… I’ve learned a helluva lot, am grateful for the experience and super duper ready to hand off. Makes it so much nicer when the sys is as nice as this. Admin is almost a treat.

Oh, what OS you ask? 10.4.109. 10.4.10 is just now making it to seed on ADC. Too early for the Leopard Server deploy. Rest assured. It will be deployed. Oh yes. It will be deployed.

[EDIT: I can’t say enough great things about my hosting outfit. They are simply awesome at TulsaConnect. It’s a family owned business. The guys are super smart, fun and proactively helpful. Two data centers downtown. Redundancy to the nth degree. Secure. Conditioned. Lockable racks. Private caging. They have it all. No interest, yada, yada.]

Power Outages in Tulsa

August 11, 2006

Winds came sweeping cross the plains last night and knocked our power offline. We’re going on an hour now.

I’m writing this via the GC89 cellular modem and the PowerBook… But wait, there’s more!

Honesty’s Important. Competence is Too!

August 1, 2006

DreamHost (a California “colo” facility) has been bitten by enough bugaboos to last a while. Power outages, bridging problems, the list is embarassing to them to be sure.

But, you know what? They did the right thing and were wide open about it. For that I’m sure their customers are going to be appreciative and There’s more, Click here