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iTunes Not Vista Ready!?

February 5, 2007

OK, that’s just plain stupid on Apple’s part. It wasn’t until the Window iTunes Music Store and Windows iPod integration came online that the iPod really took off. Now, they’re wanting to diss the Windows platform?

I’ll grant my detractors that the Vista platform is just taking root. However, let’s draw a comparison… Apple raised holy freakin hell over Adobe releasing certain components of their Creative Suite on Windows well before Univeral Binaries were made available for Apple’s new Intel platform. So, it’s only fitting that the Vista customers out there who have plunked down their change for an iPod and who may or may not be iTunes Store customers to raise hell with Apple for being laggards too. It’s not like they didn’t have ample warning on how to get their stuff to work on the Vista platform!

Also related – RD let me know by email over the weekend that only the Novatel card has drivers for Vista EVDO (at least in the Sprint family). So, while Apple’s not alone in pissing off their customers… They’re the one’s who set expectations so much higher than the customer-no-service cell phone companies. I’d expect more from Apple if I was one of their potential “switchers”.

The Spirit of Radio from the album “Rush: Spirit of Radio – Greatest Hits 1974-1987” by Rush

Valentine’s Out of Microsoft Early

September 6, 2006

MacNN | Key MS exec resigns amidst Vista doubts

Ruh Roh Raggy! 🙂 🙂 🙂

C’Mon Leopard!!!!