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iPhone Sells On June 11

April 1, 2007

TUAW reports the iPhone will go on sale June 11.

On the one hand I’d like to think this sounds about right. But, in the end who can really say except Apple. Right? But here’s the fanboy in me making it fit:

  • WWDC07 begins that very day;
  • It fulfills the “June” promise; and
  • I’m beginning to like my W810i too much… I need the iPhone before I change my mind.

Speaking of the W801i. Cingular’s service has been awesome. I’m in L.A right now for a petroleum geology convention. I’ve only had one instance where the phone let me down. And, it’s not fair to blame it on the phone. I was in the small city of LAX… you know the one… with all the planes! Yeah, ok. I really needed to place a call and kept getting this irritatingly nice recorded lady telling I couldn’t get through. Seems like every other person was experiencing the same dilemma as there were lots of folks dialing, phone to ear, hanging up, rinse, repeat. So, let’s blame it on the network or infrastructure. Still… all in all… Apple’s going to have to pull a rabbit out of the hat to part me with this phone.

Here’s a rabbit I think might be a persuasive one for them to attempt. The W810i has an fm radio. No big deal I thought. I find I’m liking it (gasp). Somehow, and I can’t say this for sure but I think there must be an fm blanking interval because my phone’s radio knows call letters and song/artist. Hmm. Now, if they can do that couldn’t an enterprising Apple then make that song easily purchaseable from their fm enabled iPhone via iTunes? Seems like a great distribution channel and one the radio stations and labels would go for.

What am I missing here!?

W810i Tips and Tricks

March 26, 2007

I read the manual just enough to figure out keylock, bluetooth and syncing. The rest is by hook or crook or tips sites like this one specifically for the W800 family of phones.

iPhone Switcheroo

March 26, 2007

There’s a new breed of switchers out here: Network YY –>> Cingular (AT&T). Some of us are habitual switchers of the nth order. PC to Mac. Creative Labs to iPod. Tivo to AppleTV.

I just made another leap today and am tickled stupid. Really! The phone I picked up (Sony Ericsson W810i) was cost neutral and all said and done I’ll probably make money off the deal once I sell it! HUH!? I just got it! Yeah, I’ll sell it only because I’m getting an iPhone in a couple months… Me and 10 million others. My iPhone number will be +1 918 813-9745 and my email addy on the phone is

See, the A630 did me a favor by taking a soaking bath this weekend. It was still mostly functional this morning. Some keys were borked. So, it was an opportunity presenting itself and I must say… as much as I liked the A630… the W810i is a smoking little number. Email built in, great camera phone, haven’t tried the movies but I’m betting they’re acceptable. Web browsing’s not so nice (iPhone’s looks way better), and the UI is actually quite acceptable. Meaning the phone’s easy to get used to.

Syncing to the Mac Address Book… SNAP! Not a single complaint. Worked just like it should.

The real trick for me is to scope out my EDGE network quality. See, until recently I had the Ericsson GC89 pcmcia card for my Macbook (worked great). But, sold that last week in anticipation of using the iPhone for my modem connectivity. Which, in the interim, looks like will be served nicely by the W810i.

FM radio is ok, sorta nice… haven’t had that before and don’t really feel it’s much of an added value (for me).

But, what IS nice about this phone:
Additional storage expansion;

  • MP3 playback;
  • A decent speaker;
  • Bluetooth;
  • BluePhoneElite 2… OMG! awesome; and
  • Best of all appears to be the ability to put Java apps on the phone. (Now, hey! there’s a novel concept on the SAME network as our much anticipated iPhone – which eschews Java because of supposed lack of control on the NETWORK! HUH!? White man speak with forked tongue!… and I can say that! I’m Cherokee).

The staff at the Cingular store I went to were terrific. I asked a TON of questions about the iPhone and true to form they “know nothing”. Not entirely true: They were in the know enough to recite the specs. They’ll be a good channel partner when intro time comes. It’s clear there are a lot of people like me… terminating plans, making preparations to, or simply inquiring ’cause iPhone was mentioned BY CUSTOMERS no less than six times while I was moving over my t-mobile phone number. AT LEAST!

So, now I’m doing some math… and I’m thinking on the one hand I could have really done this about two minutes after the MWSF07 keynote. I’d be that much closer to end of contract and ultimately better positioned to terminate and go to some other carrier once the exclusivity expires. On the other hand, if we’re hearing this right… AT&T has a two year exclusivity and are conveniently locking us new customers into two year terms. So, even beating the intro by a month or two isn’t so bad. AND that’s a few more months wear and tear the W810i won’t see (making it a better resell value when the time comes… if it has any resale value when the iPhone debuts).

I’d say if you have the ability and are absolutely inclined to get v 1.0 of the iPhone… go ahead and make your move now. It makes more sense than waiting and could net you some money if you pick your phone carefully.