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Open Source Acquisitions

March 28, 2008

If the likes of MySQL can be “bought” by the likes of Sun. What keeps an Apache or any other really popular open source movement from being similarly snapped up? In the end I think this is a really healthy trend. I’m more interested in the mechanics of the deal.

And, who does that check get written to? Who are the beneficiaries/stakeholders in an open source acquisition? The managers of the OS initiative? The developers? A little bit of both? Something else entirely?

For instance, let’s say WebKit gets bought out. How does a business deal like that work!? Or, how about Apache… Hmm? Before you say “That couldn’t happen.” I’ll give you that you may be right. But, also keep in mind, MySQL wasn’t for sale… Until it was.

Makes me wonder if the whole LAMP stack might one day be pwnd.

The Downfall. Safari as RSS Reader, Part II

September 3, 2007

I’m abadoning Safari as my RSS reader. Yes, I know, I’ve written several times Safari was my favorite child. Lately though, and quite inexplicably, Safari has been exhibiting repetitive repetitive disorder. Meaning, it keeps telling me about feeds I’ve already read. A waste of my time. (Even a year ago Safari had cracks in the armor.)

Second, Apple’s putting RSS into for Leopard. This isn’t some kind of secret bit of news. Steve Jobs demo’d it on stage at WWDC07. It’s supposedly not the default method of capturing/reading feeds. But why, if I’m exposed to feeds in a browser, would I want to read them in my mail application? That’s just weird.

So, I’m either going with Google Reader (highly likely) or NetNewsWire or Endo. Since it’s been a while what’s the take on the Mac’s RSS feed reading landscape. (offline reading’s not important to me at all – when I’m on a plane I’m working on code).

Now, this also hints at something more ominous… I just realized Safari has lost a LOT of value to me. I have Firefox, Opera, Webkit and Camino installed. (No way Flock comes back onto my Mac) I’ll probably even consider buying OmniWeb (in fact, the demo is downloading in the background).

Adieu Safari.

Google Gears for WebKit (aka Safari)

August 23, 2007

Requires XCode and a Mac obviously. Hell yes! Will post more once I’ve done the nasty bits first. So excited I just had to blog it RFN. XCode is free. So, head on over to Apple Developer Connection and roll your own.

NICE! iPhone Emulator

June 21, 2007

MarketCircle’s used the latest WebKit distro to create an iPhone emulator. So far as I know, there’s nothing else out there like it.

FYI – Agent string doesn’t register on your server log files like an iPhone. Suppose you could mod that though…Way to go AJ & Team! ~ hat tip to Jill (my hero!)¬†

[EDIT – It’s just been updated to 1.1 and even kinda works with Apple’s dedicated iPhone app.]

OSX on iPhone and Google Gears

June 18, 2007

Since the SDK for iPhone is Web 2.0… I’m wondering if Gears is going to work any better at launch with Safari than it doesn’t now. (Yeah, you read that right… Gears no workie with Safari 3. Although DOES workie with WebKit nightly builds. Hmmm…)

My suspicion is initially no probably not. But it makes a lot of sense and I can think of at least one app I’d like to deploy RFN.

If you haven’t tinkered with Gears yet… Allow me to recommend a pretty nifty example of what it’s capable of. First, you have to have installed FireFox 1.5+ or IE 6+. Runs on Mac 10.2+, Linux and Windows. Second, Download Gears. Third, visit Remember the Milk.

[EDIT: Jason Essington of Wyoming has confirmed the install on WebKit works fine. Must now delve deeper ’cause as y’all know… below Safari lurks a beastie called WebKit. If it works there… it’s going to work just fine on the iPhone eventually. PROVIDED download/install works as I would hope. Will know on June 29 as it is now added mighty high to my list of iPhone to-do’s. Linus intimates Safari compatibility is coming – listen to the mp3]

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WebKit and Safari are the Phalanx

June 15, 2007

Safari is the phalanx of Apple’s foray into Redmond¬†browser marketshare.Mozilla’s not getting it done. Either is FireFox. Their growth has stalled and their innovation has all but dried up. But, they have one HELLUVA aftermarket developer base which Safari sorely lacks.So, to use a street racing analogy if I may, if Apple thinks their stock car is somehow going to overtake many of the highly modded Nissan’s, Acura’s and Honda’s… uh uh. Ain’t happening. Which leads me to this joyous post over at the Surfin Safari blog (makes my heart sing). Apple is hiring Windows developers and QA engineers.Motive? Plenty and I think “switchers” factor large. Imagine on June 29th… you’re a Windows user who just bought this nifty iPhone. The stock browser on it is (gasp) Safari! You start using. You start liking… how you gonna sync your bookmarks across the platforms? Interesting dilemma. Gotta be integrated. It’s subtle. But, it’s crucial to binding the two experiences together and providing what Apple does so nicely and that’s control the user experience in surprisingly pleasant ways. (Oh yeah, it creates a proprietary lock on the browsing experience cross platform. Ver Niiiice.)Now, what will Microsoft name their phone? iPhune.

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Nightly Builds of WebKit

June 13, 2007

It’s not “exactly” Safari. In fact, it ISN’T Safari. It IS the engine under Safari though and it’s available as a nightly build for Mac and Windows. Here.