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An Akismet Idea. Shock & Awe.

December 24, 2007

I don’t know what the typical amount of comment spam is on any given blog. I know I get a lot more STOPPED by Akismet than ever before. The volume is up and the kill rate is 100% (no false positives). I also know Google’s Blogger has become known as the playground for the professional linkbaiters, linkfarmers and the ilk. Don’t know about Six Apart or any of the other platforms.

I wonder if it’s possible for Akismet to subscribe to and contribute to the black lists like Spamhaus and Spamassassin? Maybe they already do. Anyone know? I seldom (perhaps never) see an email address like someone at It’s always a free (ie. disposable) email address of one variety or another claiming the offensive comment spam.

Seems to me if there WAS a full court press in the end all it would do is escalate the sophistication of the tactics employed. I fear the collective creativity of the white hats is less than the sum of the creativity of the black hats. Like antibiotics, the more you chase the bug the stronger the bug becomes through adaptation and consequently the harder it becomes to create effective antibiotics to keep up with the new strains. Still, I’d like a little old school Shock and Awe released on the spammers. They’re going to wind up causing the Scobles, Jarvises, Wilsons, Godins, Kawasakis and TDavids of the world to shut down their comments one by one and then we’re set back to the Web 1.0 world with no two way discourse. At which time I hope OpenID matures so we won’t have to remember the 19,003 account/password combos for all the conversations we participate in.

Google Maps No-Go on

August 21, 2007

Must be WordPress day (it is their second birthday and all…).

Google just came out with embeddable maps. You know, kinda like you’d do with YouTube and such. Just tried it via the admin system here on my hosted blogs… no workie.

For all the goodness that is in WordPress… why do they limit stuff like this?! Drives me nuts! (You know, that same – “Why can’t I just install such and such on my iPhone?” kinda nuts.

The 100,000th Visit & Traffic Mongering

June 26, 2007

Passed the hundred thousandth visit mark last night. For some reason that’s a whole lot more fun than the 99 thousandth which I remember so fondly…I’ve had a couple of 13 and 15,000 visit days. Those were both because of DIGG’d stories related to Tiger and Leopard pre-release news. The gWHIZ blog is no TUAW. But, for a hobby site… yeah, we can pack em in. And, I can’t say enough good stuff about WordPress. I’d love to know more about their scalable computing approach (hmm…. there’s an interview itching to happen! I summon thee Matt Mullenweg!) A few tips on traffic mongering and WordPress:

  • Transparency. At ALL times. You can’t disclose your motives enough;
  • Don’t be afraid to DIGG your own stuff;
  • Occasional linkbaiting is fun sport; 
  • Catchy headlines catch readers; 
  • Blog about interesting stuff;
  • Link. Liberally.;
  • Use FeedBurner in addition to WordPress’ own RSS;
  • READ lots of RSS feeds. Feed your fire;
  • Watch your WordPress stats. Thar be gold!;
  • Play to the keywords referring traffic to you;
  • Customize your space with headers or CSS tweaks;
  • Write often, write well;
  • Use pictures. They add a certain je ne c’est quoi;
  • Tag. Liberally.;
  • Dare to piss people off (sometimes);
  • Be open to apologizing;
  • Must develop thicker skin;
  • Open your comments up;
  • Spell check… Om doesn’t & look at him go!:);
  • Allow trackbacks.

Most of all though. Be yourself. Let your excitement and passion carry through in your writing and you’ll have an engaged audience in no time. (I wanted to file this before I left for work. I’ll swing back around mid-day to add the links I had intended to put in.) 

You Don’t Get What You Don’t Ask For.

June 25, 2007

Technorati Rank

Besides the “If you can’t say something nice…” bit my Mom used to say, she also used to say, “You don’t get what you don’t ask for.” A nice reminder people can’t read my mind (unlike my handwriting which has been called Gerald Font on more than one occassion). Mom was also quick to point out that asking wasn’t a sure bet either So I have a favor…

I’m starting to have some real fun with this whole blogging deal. Else I wouldn’t have stuck it through to post number 898 and am looking at celebrating my 100,000th visitor tomorrow. Yeah, half of those are my kids. But, still… 🙂 Seem like it was only a couple months ago I was hopelessly lost in the 200,000 rankings of Technorati. Thanks to you fine ladies and gentlemen… things are looking pretty swell. So, to all of you out there… Thank you! You are the reason I keep blogging! You keep me fresh and learning new things constantly. I need that. Without it I’m a dull boy.

Would you please link back to the gWHIZ blog occasionally (this page specifically) via your own blogs? I know I won’t get it unless I ask for it. And, you can count on me, I’ll try to keep earning that privilege.

Leopard and Teams Working

December 20, 2006

Just got Leopard Server and Teams to work. Been having a bit of trouble. Beyond that now.

Since Apple STILL doesn’t have a sanctioned method (outside of WWDC) for their developers to share experiences!… I will say this without threatening the NDA situation… Watch the Teams videos posted at It’s all you need to know.

WordPress Top Posts

December 11, 2006

Just what does it take to make it to the top posts on WordPress? I’ve often wondered that. More out of curiosity than anything.

Well, today I found out what it takes to make it to slot #47 and it’s a lot less than I would have thought (and I’ve had more popular posts than this one before… odd). We’ve been off an on the Growing Blog list all year long.

So, for you curiousity folks…

Yesterday, Dec. 10, 2007, I made a post with a trackback to MacShrine on the topic of the upcoming Leopard developers release. And it caught a healthy dose of traffic: 30 views yesterday. So, for a Sunday, and probably a slow one at that, a post that catches 30 views is going to help you a bit. Total traffic for the gWHIZ blog yesterday weighed in at 175 views.

Since the Leopard post is sitting at 130 views right this second it’ll be interesting to see if the gWHIZ blog pulls its weight on a Monday.

So, there you have it for those other curious souls out there. It’s not as hard as it appears… 175 views on a slow Sunday will do it for you or a post with 30 views all of its own. That and trackbacks on a hot topic with a good draw and a good headline… 🙂

Look & Feel… Wonky.

September 26, 2006

All… The look and feel of the blogs at have gone a bit haywire. Even Scobleizer’s site is displaying a bit out of kilter this a.m. Sit tight, enjoy the RSS feed at feed:// until it’s all good again. Shouldn’t be long knowing the WordPress folks.

Embedded Video at WordPress

August 22, 2006

Yippee! I can begin embedding all the Youtube, Google and Grouper video a person can’t stand into the g-WH!Z blog.

Embedded videos!
(Above pic is screen shot of the web based admin screen for hosted blogs)

Of course, I won’t do this… I’ll still provide links over to the originals. Why? Easier to do (for now).

The really cool thing is hosted blogs are really starting impress me with how quickly the pace of development and deployment of features is coming on. VERY nice platform now guys!

Now, For Something Different…

July 24, 2006

This site is hosted by But then you’ve already deduced that.

They’ve added some tools in the admin side of the house that are mighty helpful and show some immediate bang (more…)

Top 100 Growing Blogs @ WordPress! YIPPEE!

May 18, 2006

Since May 10, 2006 this blog has been in the top 100 WordPress blogs. Made it as high as 4th growingest. Cool! Thanks to everyone for your support, traffic, referrals to friends and coworkers. REALLY appreciate it!

One favor? Would you please comment occassionally?! I love a good conversation 🙂 And, subscribe to the RSS feed if you think of it.