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Can You Spot The Leopard?

October 14, 2007

 XServe Running Leopard

XServes Running Leopard

Somewhere in this picture, hidden among all my gear, is a Leopard. Can you spot it? 😉

Leopard Server is impressing the bejeemenies out of me. Super easy to set-up (not that it wasn’t easy to configure before). So much so, that anyone who can install their desktop OS… can get an XServe up and snorting flames within an hour.

The above is what I call “my other car” and what a beaut she is! The top pic is heading to Perimeter Center’s OKC facility for failover (just in case). The lower pic is the primary and lives in one of the TulsaConnect datacenters (all quad G5s + RAID on a dual-channel 4Gb fiber channel card). Stock, out of the box… these babies ROCK!

If you’ve ever wanted to know what OS X Server on XServes is all about… Give me a shout (email and phone number are in the header graphic above). I’ll be happy to talk with you (especially AFTER Leopard Server is in the clear).

PS –  Leopard Server is running on the top box in the lower pic. So very nice!