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Apple Buys Yahoo!?

December 13, 2008

There’s a scenario floating out there whereby Apple buys Yahoo! (the exclamation mark is part of their name not any kind of drama I’ve added)

So, why is that a good idea? I think people are seeing a lot of ghosts behind trees right now and this one just may have been planted to get Ballmer back to the table. Imagine the chairs that would fly if he, for one instant, thought Apple was seriously considering taking his sloppy seconds only to trounce him soundly in the end-run.

I really don’t see this happening though. You have Eric Schmidt as an Apple Director. Not a person I’d easily or readily dismiss due to a merger or product direction. He’s already marginalized a bit due to the competing tendencies between iPhone and Android. Still… An aquisition of Yahoo! while fun to think about just doesn’t ring true.

Yes, Yang came out on stage and did the whole poster-boy thing at the iPhone intro. And, Jobs went to Yahoo! HQ and told them they have greatness in them.

But, so what!? This isn’t the stuff of mergers. Not to mention the nuts and bolts of such a deal. Does Apple really want to have the additional drag Yahoo! would add to operations?


Microsoft + Yahoo! = Yahoo?

February 10, 2008

A Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo! makes no sense to me. No matter how you cut this the resulting company still weighs in at a distant second place to Google’s dominant position in both online search and online advertising. Great brand, no doubt. Great people, no doubt.

But, Microsoft is clearly capable of creating an equally competitive platform for appreciably less than the acquisition price they’ll ultimately offer the YHOO board. So, why haven’t they done that instead? The cultures are vastly different. The defections would be immense. The YHOO board is holding out for a slightly better offer (as they should) and MSFT is on an acquisition tear in the space (aQuantive/RazorFish and now Yahoo!).

Was aQuantive insurance in case a YHOO offer was rejected? Put another way, if the Yahoo!’s negotiate an acceptable Microsoft offer… how does aQuantive fit into the new equation? All of a sudden they have a migration nightmare further distracting them from competing any time soon.

Either way you look at it, Google’s defining the rules until they decide differently for themselves.

Yang In. Semel Out. Ballmer Far Behind?

June 18, 2007

If the scorecard is based on adding shareholder value in the shadow of the Googlenaut… what’s a girl to think!?

I think this Semel succession has been in the works for months. OK… hang with me! Is your tinfoil hat on? Good. Let’s go.

Jerry Yang hangs with Schmidt and Jobs at MacWorld for the iPhone intro. Who’s NOT the CEO in that lineup (at the time)? Now? Okay… Yahoo!’s never had an Apple play that I recall. Not a one. Jerry Yang rates a stage share with Mr. Jobs. Semel doesn’t cut it.

SBC + Yahoo. Tight relationship. SBC = AT&T. AT&T = iPhone. There’s a Yahoo link on the default ‘deck’. At least. To be sure. I’ll be interested to see what the default homepage for Safari on the iPhone is set to… Apple? AT&T? Other. Apple’s the safe guess. But, I wonder if it depends on who you buy it from (Apple Store v. Cingular/AT&T store)?

Now. Ballmer’s about the only guy standing who’s still talking smack but not chalking up his big gains against the Googlenaut. How long can it be before the shareholders snatch him bald hea… wait. DOH! How long before the shareholder carry him out on (Ruby on) Rails?

Tin foil hats off. Fold nicely. We’ll resume this lesson later: I need a glass of water.

Terry Semel? Meet Mr. Buhbye.

June 11, 2007

Wouldn’t want to be Terry Semel at tomorrow’s skewer-holders, er, share-holders meeting.

Can you say Semelnilla? Yeah, even if the only bleach in the room is on a blonde tomorrow… he’s HISTORY. The guys on CNBC’s FastMoney tonight are saying he’s pummeled. Gone! Gone I say! Like an “iPhone on June 29th” kind-of-gone.

Question is, who has the chops to lead YHOO to higher ground? Yang wold be where my money’s at.

Yahoo’s Literally Gone 404

May 15, 2007

(EDIT: Stewart Butterfield, co-founder of Flickr, has responded publicly about the situation. A through and deserved mea culpa to go along with those super-sized lumps on the noggin.)

Yahoo! seems to be making bad decisions on a routine basis and is no longer getting the benefit of monetizing my clickstream as a result of a culmination of things (China for one) and tipping at today’s poor choice as can be read at Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection: Flickr = Censorship

(EDIT: If you ever decide to delete your Flickr account and My Yahoo accounts… Delete the Flickr one first: They’re tied at the hip and if you delete your Yahoo! account first… you can’t delete your Flickr account. One more bad bit of execution…)

My Yahoo! mail account is being has been terminated next. My Flickr account is being has been terminated right after that. So, if you’ve put my Yahoo! email in your address book… It’s toast in a few minutes. Anyone referencing my Flickr photos… gonna have an ugly 404 in it’s place momentarily too.

Bye, bye Yahoo! (Here’s how to kill a Yahoo! mail account) (and… here’s how to kill a Flickr account)

A Microsoft-Yahoo Merger? Nope!

May 4, 2007

The only good thing that comes out of that deal is Semel goes back to Hollywood.

It’d be less expensive and harmful to both to JV it fast and furious. (If eyeballs and Panama’s all the bang MSFT wants…) ‘Course, now that Yahoo! is for sale… Google’s going to run the price up out of MSFT’s reach and who knows!? Buy em and can the lot hmmm?

Another upside (have to get the Apple spin in here somewhere) is if MSFT does dip down deep into the bankroll… Apple just keeps right on flanking Redmond growing at a faster rate. Think on that one & have a great weekend.

Do The Engines Suck? Or Just the Searches?

October 12, 2006

Battelle’s book, “The Search” has this nifty little bit about intent.

The engine that can anticipate my intent (somehow, someway) will win huge. Until then… search results are going to be largely hit and miss. (more…)

On Google (and Yahoo!?) Analytics…

February 27, 2006

I was fishing around over at trying to learn a bit more about “autocomplete” and AJAX.

So, obviously I looked at the source. Immediately I noticed they’re using Google Analytics. But, I noticed something that smelled altogether new and different… Yahoo Analytics? WHAT!? That looks like an Overture Analytics script in there to me… But, what is it? I’ve never heard of that program before…

Maybe it’s some kind of script to tell Mr. Jones and friends how their online marketing spends are working with Overture (maybe).

Anyone know what that little Yahoo Analytics snippet in’s home page is all about? Curious minds…

Oracle, Opensource, Considerable Skepticsm? Yep.

February 19, 2006

Stephen Ogrady’s threw a long bomb right into the numbers.

“There is considerable skepticism, then, as to whether Oracle – who candidly does not enjoy a sterling reputation in its dealing with some open source players – would be simply embracing open source, or embracing as a mere prelude to extending and extinguishing.”