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Turn’s Got It “Righter”

November 6, 2006

AdSense is the 9 bazillion pound gorilla. No question. But, as a paying advertiser… I’m going to increasing demand an option within my media mix for a cost per action (CPA) model. I don’t want to pay for eyeballs for crying out loud! I’m MORE than happy to pay on sales though. (more…)


Ze Frank at TEDTalks 2004

September 5, 2006

K. So, I’m going through my podcasts checking out what’s new in the world and apparently my TEDTalks podcast was updated over the long weekend and lo and behold! Ze Frank delivered a talk at TED 2004! WHAT!?

More interesting still is the Genre meta for his session is a bit… curious. Don’t cha think?

Ze at TED Click to see larger image.

He’s a huge influence in my life. 😉

So much that I was trying for all of 45 seconds this weekend to get Logan to do a Power Move to send in… sucked. Horribly. No way that’s getting submitted. It goes in the “vault of embarassing moments”. Ah, leverage for the tender years…