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Sorry, Windows 8 Only Ushers OUT Windows 7

September 14, 2011

For all the good Zach Epstein tries to accomplish with his claim that Windows 8 is the one to usher in the Post PC era… all he does is underscore Apple ushered in the Post PC era and that Windows 8 is (in true Microsoft fashion) a close follower. Think Zune. Think Windows Mobile. Hell, think Windows!

No Zach, the convergence of devices and platforms has been under way for a LONG time. Everyone WANTS a spot at the table. But, friend… Apple was the one to finally say “Here’s how it’s done. The table is now set.” Microsoft may come in and gorge themselves at the table. But, as you so eloquently CORRECT yourself throughout your screed… Apple brought us to the Post PC era. It’s up to Window (8 or 9 or 10…) or some other platform to beat the champ.

Point to something other than the Office platform (PC or Mac) that is pulling it’s weight at Microsoft. XBox? Bing? BingHoo? Can Microsoft even execute anymore? I wonder… I think Microsoft is precipitously close to ushering ITSELF out of the PC era and closely following Apple into newer, more fertile field. IMHO

Speaking Of The Zune…

September 6, 2007

el Jobso announced his engagement with Starbucks complete with an icon on the new iPod deck and everything. Ah, l’amour.

Wonder how long it will be before those others guys get a Denny’s icon on their Zunes?

Furthermore, since Apple Stores play some better-than-average tunes… wonder how long it’ll be before we can wi-fi into the iTunes Store while in an Apple Store?Kinda makes sense, n’est pas?

Jobs on Zune’s Wifi

June 28, 2007

Remember when we were all under a different spell. You know. BEFORE iPhone?

We all wanted an iPod with wifi. Looks like it’s here. And, it contains a phone too… hmmm. Cool.

Now, Walt and friends were never on the same subnet as other phones. So… Wonder if we’ll be able to share our playlists like we do at our desks. 22 hours and we find out.

Hey, anybody know what happened to that Zune thing?

Zune’s Marketing Director’s Nuts!

February 7, 2007

From the NY Times:

Jason Reindorp, marketing director for Zune at Microsoft, said Mr. Jobs’s call for unrestricted music sales was “irresponsible, or at the very least naïve,” adding, “It’s like he’s on top of the mountain making pronouncements, while we’re here on the ground working with the industry to make it happen.”

“He’s certainly a master of the obvious,” Mr. Reindorp said, adding that “the stars were already aligning” to loosen the restrictions.

Is it just me or is Jason Reindorp acting like me trying to tell Tim Berners Lee how the web should have been invented? Yeah, I thought so.

iPod versus…?

November 17, 2006

There’s a lot of smack being talked about “the next iPod killer” whether that’s the Zune, the Sansa, the next thing from iRiver… Even collectively they’re not taking ANY marketshare AWAY from Apple. They’re simply making a bigger market and that’s happening for a variety of reasons. Face it. Very few people (I know only two) refuse to own anything Apple. They’re down on the company, brand, technology, kool-aid thing. One of the guy’s old and cranky and just plain off his rocker half the time. And, the other fellows closer to my age than he is to Cranky’s… and well, he just doesn’t like anything that isn’t built from components from Fry’s. Everyone else I know is at least open to owning at least an iPod (most already do).

So, what’s the real threat here? We know Apple’s not going to stand still. The iPod platform is a moving target. But one that’s getting bigger all the time. They’ve picked up a TON of new Apple customers (for iPods, MacBooks, etc)… The truth of it is – Microsoft is probably hemhorraging customers right now. But, and this is significant, Microsoft *HAS* entered the MP3 player market with a version 1.0 Zune. That just brought them one VERY significant step closer to threatening iPod. Ballmer’s not going to sit still either. He’s going to take the fight to iPod. His version 1.0 may not seem like much. But, do you remember version 1.0 of iPod? Compared to today’s experience… I wouldn’t have one. I’d have been very shocked if Microsoft had come out with a winning hand for version 1.0: They haven’t learned their lessons yet.

So, the bar’s been raised pretty high. Right? Well, yes and no. See… Apple’s learned a gob of lessons first-hand. They know and remember exactly how they came to be where they are now. They learned to grow up fast, iterate, grow more, iterate, etc. The only saving grace Apple has is no one else is really iterating a whole package across multiple platforms. The saving grace (and it’s not to be counted on really) is that Microsoft doesn’t seem to have iterative design in their DNA. They just don’t do things too very quickly. And, no one on the Windows side of life is going to seriously threaten Apple’s lock on the Mac platform. Unless… you see that little brown app pop up on a Mac some day. That will signal some serious throw down is coming.

Apple Tells Podcast Ready “Cease & Desist”

September 23, 2006

From the Listening Post at Wired…

OK, so a bunch of us have bandied about the old “p” word. Used it a time or two myself. Now Apple wants to shut down or otherwise govern its use!? When they don’t even hold the rights to the word!? Huh!? (more…)


July 25, 2006

Zune’s probably going to be a hit. Cool name, GREAT logo! Sufficiently non-Microsoft to get a chance to actually thrive.

Zune logo

The best part of it all though is if it truly gives the iPod a run for the money… Imagine how much better the iPod experience is about to become. Think about that! A serious challenger comes along and pushes the game into the stratosphere. Like Tiger did with Golf or Andre and Boris did so many years ago in tennis (or, gasp… Michael Jordan). I can’t wait for this deal to land. No matter, I’m dyed in the wool Apple all the way. Call it koolaid or whatever. I’m just glad it’s not Creative whining about this or that. Someone’s really intending to turn up the heat and it’s coming from Redmond. That’s awesome!

Now, what would really ring my bell is if it contains all the wireless goodness the rumor mill’s spouting. Apple may just have to respond with the tablet they’re holding in their hip pocket. Shoot, why wait? Bring it out at the ’06 WWDC and blow us all to smithereens!