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An Open Letter to Tim Cook

March 9, 2009

I’ve been an Apple Developer since 1991 when I was an Apple Systems Engineer. I developed for HyperCard, AppleScript, OpenDoc, Newton, LOTS of HTML and most recently the iPhone. I never did anything big, splashy or noteworthy and may not, at least by my own hand. I have seen some detrimental Apple policy though toward their Developers. And, it is because of that I hope to persuade a change in Cupertino to allow us ADC Select and Premiere members to exchange methods, opinions and findings in a year-round, sanctioned way OUTSIDE of WWDC. What follows is a transcript of a handwritten letter I’m mailing to Tim Cook today. My hope is, if you’re in support of this, you will weigh in via the comments (with YOUR real name in plain sight please).

Mr. Cook –

As an Apple Developer in good standing for several years I have hoped for an online venue whereby we select & premiere ADC members could freely exchange methods, best practices and work arounds.

But that hasn’t happened.

We’re expected to abide by our NDAs. Which means innovating for things like Snow Leopard either happens at WWDC or have to wait until after launch.

Isn’t there a sanctioned way to do this?!

I don’t mind trying to learn & innovate while under observation. The give and take can only HELP solidify developers’ affinity to Apple. As is a lot of this is happening outside of view of Apple and at the cost of the platform.

Gerald Buckley
(918) 813-9745

An ideal outcome IMHO would be a type arena where Select and Premier ADC members could freely exchange ‘how to’ type info. Frankly, getting the web services up and functional in early versions of 10.5 Leopard were insanely hard. That is until a little more documentation came around. But, testing that stuff was central to what I wanted to contribute and, frankly, what the developer notes were asking for. Now, you tell me, how can I pitch in (while still honoring my NDA to Apple Developer Connection)? There is a LOT more good that could come out of a new, sanctioned “portal”/”exchange”/”marketplace” than any bad. Heck, I don’t mind paying a bit more for it. There are a ton of us who just can’t or won’t make it to WWDC regularly. And, it’s a shame the innovations that could be brought to market closer to the each launch of a new Apple OS have to lag for lack of a sanctioned/moderated place for Apple’s developers.

So, if you would please raise your voice in support of something like this I’d like to think we could usher in some fresh positive policy at Apple with regard to Developers. Or, at least let them know, we’re not above doing it ourselves in plain sight and in the pirate tradition of Cupertino. (There’s a warning shot across the bow sure to draw a cease and desist)

ADC: 10.5.7 Build 9J27 Seed Ready

March 9, 2009

Apple’s been busy presumably wrapping up the loose ends on Leopard and making way for Snow Leopard. Head on over to the Apple Developer Connection for your latest seeds.

Apple Developer DVDs Up For Grabs

December 31, 2007

Michelle and I did a vicious cleaning cycle last week while I was on vacation. Ever the packrat there are some things I just couldn’t bring myself to throw in the trash… Apple Developer DVDs among them. Those are going up on the blog as give aways.

I don’t do much developing myself. I’m primarily interested in knowing what’s coming down the pike and keeping what I do code up to speed and fresh (mostly of the OSX Server variety).

So, I’m probably akimbo with the Ts & Cs of the ADC agreement by doing this… But, oh well… Anyone commenting in response to this post is welcome to claim any of the 2005 or 2006 Apple Developer Connection DVDs (minus the OS seed discs). What I need from you is simply a signal of your interest and a valid email address. I’ll follow up with you and get a mailing address to send your disc to you. We’ll probably work in reverse chrono order. So, move fast.