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iWork 09 Initial Impressions

January 6, 2009

The free 30 day eval is available for download at [EDIT: And, the serial number is purchaseable straight from within the demo. So, go ahead and download the fully functional demo.’s pretty slick stuff to boot.]

First impressions – love it.

Deeper in I find I’m really only sort of in love. Kinda like being half pregnant. Only this somehow works.

I live in Keynote and Numbers these days. So, I really like what has been made available. But, I’m finding I’m not so happy with what has been (seemingly) taken away. Particularly in Keynote. The Apple Remote doesn’t seem to pair with Keynote 09 now. And, there is no Flash export option. Neither one is a show stopper. But, my pretty new flame has a wart right where there shouldn’t be one.

[EDIT: on the plus side I held off writing about the hard-to-find Keynote Remote iPhone app. Turns out it wasn’t searchable but was hidden in plain sight nice and prominently on the App Store landing page. And… it works fabulously. It controls the presentation very nicely with plain gestures. And, while you don’t see the actual transitions from slide to slide or the slick builds… it’s totally controllable. One wish for the next rev of Keynote Remote (which is 99 cents btw) is that it had a built in timer. Presenter notes are there but no timer. Ah well…]