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iPhone App: Daylite

July 9, 2008

First in our series of iPhone developer interviews is AJ, CEO of MarketCircle about their approach to developing DayliteTouch for the iPhone. Transcript follows:

Getting really busy for you this week I suppose?
Always busy. We have a lot going on in addition to the iPhone announcement.

How and when did you decide Daylite for the iPhone made sense for MarketCircle to build?
It goes back to our methods in the early days really. We built Daylite for ourselves. With some encouragement from Apple we commercialized it and began selling it. The sales overtook our original line of business and the rest is history. So it was with the iPhone version of Daylite. We have a need ourselves to have this app in mobile form. Apple conveniently brought us the iPhone and very soon we’ll have another amazing extension to our product line. With each build we are more and more excited and encouraged by what we’re seeing come out of our engineering group.

Speaking of that, will Daylite for the iPhone be available “day 1” on the App store?
No, there are business model issues and testing issues we want to perfect before getting too far ahead of ourselves. The mobile app is really a companion app to Daylite.

Have you settled on pricing yet? Or, will it be free?
We know it won’t be free. What the final pricing is will be a wait and see matter.

Sure. That makes sense. As this is a mobile companion what other mobile platforms were considered.
This is our first commercial mobile app for Daylite. Developing for iPhone made a lot of sense as XCode makes it so easy to do what we do. Blackberry and Windows Mobile… not so much. The platform decision was easy.

What else would you like to offer application wise?
Let’s get this one out first and see what unfolds. Our hands are full as it is.

On an aside… iPhoney, your iPhone emulator, remains REALLY popular. What’s the story there?
As you know the Aspen emulator is available in the iPhone SDK (free to registered developers). But, for some reason iPhoney still draws a lot of traffic despite Apple’s more feature rich emulator. It’s fun and it’s novel and we’ll keep it around. But, there’s no real rationale for the healthy stream of traffic as far as we can tell.

Any parting comments?
The iPhone architecture is proving out OSX as “the new way” and I’m certain we’ll begin seeing heightened business productivity. Besides, there are becoming less and less reasons to buy a Windows Mobile device. We’re enjoying the innovations and it’s just an exciting time to be developing for Apple products.