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Mint’s Minty-fresh Flavor Wearing Out? ALREADY!?

September 27, 2007

Mint is good. REALLY good. But, is it living up (fully) to the promise? Yes and no.

One of my credit cards worked just as expected. Great, in fact. I’ve had no joy with a second credit card though. Three or four support emails later the support guy (bless his soul) now appears to think my card is “outside the U.S.” ITS ONE OF THE CARD CHOICES MINT GIVES ME! Grrrr. I’m not the only person with the problem. Forums are actively ferreting out issues like these. To Mint’s credit (heheh) they’ve been super about replying to emails and participating in the forums.

I see a post re. Mint’s “method”… screen scraping. Well, OK. Gotta get after it somehow. I’m not overly concerned HOW the sausage gets made. I just want to eat.

Startup woes abound. I totally relate and firmly believe in Mint and their premise to be able to help us achieve a better understanding of our personal cashflow and credit. I like that concept. A lot! You might check them out and I hope your financials are laid wide open before your eyes just as they promise. I’ll sit back and patiently wait it out. I think this Mint thing has a lot of flavor left in it!