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Snow Leopard Imminent

August 24, 2009

The Apple Store has just updated to note Snow Leopard ships on August 28. Lots of update options: $29 update is presumably an updater only for those of us running 10.5.x already. If you buy a new Mac that doesn’t have Snow Leopard installed… $9.95 will get you there. A boxed full-install, set of Snow Leopard will cost $129.00

Snow Leopard unlimited server will cost $449 and ships at the same time.

Visit for more details.

ADC: 10.6 Build 10A286 Seed Ready

March 9, 2009

The workstation and server seeds of Snow Leopard were posted on March 5. Lots of new stuff in there and certainly worth the download.

Installing Snow Leopard 10A190 (instructions)

October 25, 2008

A little background first: When Leopard was in pre-release there was a LOT of moaning about installing it because Apple (in the early seeds) failed to include adequate instructions on “how to”. So, I posted my own set of instructions and it’s been one of THE MOST commented and controversial blog posts I’ve ever penned. Yes, a lowly instruction manual.

But, see here… Apple’s ADC agreement specifies non-disclosure. Meaning I couldn’t divulge details of anything they’ve provided. Well, it turns out since they didn’t provide the instructions I wasn’t in breach. And, it turns out, it enabled a lot of people to install Leopard. The controversial part kicks in when the question is asked, “Was it used in the piracy of the images?” I suspect the answer has to be a firm, “Probably.” and that sucks and I’ve written as much. Point in fact, there were many comments I just flat moderated out of existence as they were clearly intent on piracy. We won’t have that problem this go around. Here’s why:

So, to the part you came for… If you have legitimate access to the Snow Leopard 10A190 dmg you’ll have legitimate access to all you need to get it up and running. If you aren’t yet a paid and in good standing Select or Premiere Developer with Apple… Maybe you should consider it.

Snow Leopard. What THE HELL Apple!?

October 24, 2008

[EDIT: All is well now… Carry on.]

Just received an email from the Apple Developer Connection. The seed of Snow Leopard 10A190 is apparently posted to the Apple Developer Center.

However, mere paid-an-in-good-standing devs like me are apparently not allowed access.

You do not have access privileges to download the software you are requesting. If you believe you have received this message in error, you should confirm your access privileges directly with your Apple contact or view the downloads that are currently available to you.

I don’t get Apple sometimes, I really don’t. I LOVE their hardware and software. Top to bottom. I love their stores. When I travel I try to go out of my way to tag an Apple Store. But, when it comes to the ADC… it’s been a love/hate relationship now for six years.

They send me this email with no hint of exclusivity for this particualr disc image. Looks like every other click-to-download link they’ve ever issued.