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My House on Zillow

March 26, 2008

I love Zillow. Of course, I’d say that sitting in Tulsa while house prices are appreciating as they are and the housing bubble hasn’t quite been realized here. We’re typically the last to see “bubbles” and among the first to recover from them. Unless it’s oil related, but we’re more diversified now than ever. At least, we locals tell ourselves that. Oil and gas prices are definitely helping bouy us locally right now. So, knock on wood we don’t have to put it to the test.

On a lark I’ve listed our house for sale on Zillow. More for giggles than anything. It’s a “Make me move” kind of thing. I have no burning desire to sell or move. But, if someone saw the house, was serious and felt good about some of the renovation work left to be done… I’d sell. Heck, everything’s for sale when it comes right down to it. [EDIT: already moderated some comments about this… I’m not linking to the house for the same reason I don’t blog about my kids or post their pictures – Security. Local house hunters will either find our house and research it like everyone else does. Or not. Gawkers and lurkers I can do without.]

Of course, if it *did* sell… we’d have the unpleasant problem of finding new digs. Michelle’s been keen on building our next house. Undeveloped property prices in Tulsa are, shall we say, a teensy bit out of whack with reality. Oh well. It is what it is. I’d love a log cabin (in the Lake Tahoe style not the Abraham Lincoln style). She’d probably go with that. Of course, Zillow’s going to have to do a hockey stick for us for that to happen. So… maybe a starter Abraham Lincoln style is as close as we get 😛