Installing Leopard From DMG

[EDIT DEUX: Thanks to DIGG this is really taking off. There are a variety of really good ‘other’ methods outlined in the comments. Apparently LOTS of people have found the following useful. I hope you will too. In return, if you’d favorite the gWHIZ blog at Technorati I’d really appreciate it as I’m trying to break into their top 50,000 blogs by years end.]

As I wrote last night… Installing Leopard from [the ADC] disc image is anything but intuitive.

Ever heard of RTFM? Helps if there’s an FM to R. And, there isn’t, really. [EDIT: Actually, for those who are obtaining Leopard via their ADC Select and Premier seeds… this process is now documented in the readme text… However, it’s NOT documented with pics.]

Here’s the blow by blow: If you have a dual layer DVD writer… Pass GO and collect $200. Otherwise, read on…


First things first. It is illegal to install the Leopard [server and] workstation OS you’ve come by through other than sanctioned means. For me, “sanctioned” meant renewing my Apple ADC Select Membership and downloading the DMG Apple made available on their site. For others that meant obtaining the DVD at WWDC 06 [and 07]. If there are other legal methods… I’m not in the know. And, no, I won’t be sharing my DMG. Please, don’t ask.

However, I will be sharing an installation method Apple seems to have thus far neglected to disclose. [Which is now thoroughly documented with the official seeds’ readme files albeit without the pics you’ll see here.]

Have TWO blank partitions ready. One will be for the installer and the other will be where you install Leopard. [Double this if you intend to also load up Server.]


  • With your disc image mounted, open the Disk Utility application (Applications -> Utilities).
  • Click the Restore tab (see it near the top of the Disk Utility window? Just after First Aid, Erase and RAID…)
  • Drag your DMG file from the list on the left of your Disk Utility window to the “Source” field.
  • Then, drag the icon of the partition you want to put the installer on to the “Destination” field. Again, do this from the left pane of your Disk Utility window. If you try to do this from the desktop (as I kept trying to do) you’re going to drive yourself bonkers.
  • Click the “Erase Destination” check box so that it shows a check.
  • I also skipped the Checksum. You might or might not want to do the same. Your call.
  • Click Restore.
  • Wait until done.

Once the above is complete you now have a bootable OSX Leopard Install partition.

All you have to do now is go to System Preferences -> Startup Disk and specify your boot partition to be “Mac OS X Install DVD”.

Restart and prepare to install to your other blank partition (or, really, wherever you choose). [It warrants disclosing… some people have said (comments below) their mileage is poor with USB drives… I can’t say with any authority that USB drives don’t work as startup volumes for Leopard… it would seem at the least they don’t do the job well.]

BTW, this should work on ANY Mac OS install DMG. There’s no special voodoo magic just because it’s Leopard.

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215 Comments on “Installing Leopard From DMG”

  1. hiohokaybye Says:

    ii tried this but didnt work… when i pressed restore it says i dont have the permission… and i’m using my ipod nano 8gb…. so anyone knows y?

  2. gwhiz Says:

    Yeah, hiohokaybye… It appears the USB ipods are no good for this purpose. My third gen firewire iPod works just fine… Not my video iPod though (which is USB just like your nano). So, there’s the problem.

    • jimmie94 Says:

      Can this work with a iso file… Please respond

      • Jimmie – As I’ve maintained from day one… my aim is not to encourage use of dmg files outside of the context it was offered in… mounting and installing a specific pre-release image which did NOT come with adequate instructions. Whether it works under certain circumstances is not mine to address. You might call Apple tech support and see what they have to offer you. ~Gerald

  3. mainpath Says:

    wouldn’t this work?
    select the dmg and then restore to an empty fw drive.
    and then click restore and let it copy all the files?
    then it should boot?

  4. gwhiz Says:

    @mainpath – You’re half correct. Your approach restores the INSTALLER. You still have to perform the install on a volume of some kind or other.

  5. Chris Says:

    I have a 150gb firewire external, I partitioned it into two partitions. I followed the directions exactly and when it tries to restart into the new partitioned leopard space, it doesn’t, and immediately boots back into tiger. I have a powerbook g4 1.5gz 1gb ram.

  6. gwhiz Says:

    Hey Chris. Thanks for dropping in. You might try restarting holding the Option Key on your keyboard down at startup. That will force OSX to evaluate all available volumes for suitable blessed startup volumes.

    If that fails you… revisit the ADC site and nab the installation instructions there. (I’m presuming you have access to that site)

  7. mikael Says:

    Hi Chris. I don’t succeed to make bootable partition no matter what i try. I have intel processor, and i have made GUID partition on this external disk. It seems to be ok, but when i boot it. It finds it and when i choose that, after 30 sec it will display “not allowed to park” sign and freezes.

    Then i use disk utility to make DVD DL. That works better, and start to install too. But after about 50% installed, i got error message. INSTALL FAILED! Mac OS X could not be installed on your computer. The installer could not validate the contents of the ‘AdditionalSpeechVoices’ package.
    Is there a problem with the files of what? Any advise?

  8. gwhiz Says:

    Mikael – Again, I’m going to presume you have the ORIGINAL dual layer DVD distributed at WWDC. (why you’d be creating another copy… I dunno)

    That said, if you’re having problems with what you received from the WWDC I’d suggest you contact the Apple Developer Connection folks and get a replacement (or wait for the DMG that is supposedly being released any time now to Select and Premier ADC members).

  9. jedimacfan Says:

    I could not get my DMG file burned correctly to a DL DVD. Made 2 coasters that mount and display contents but will not boot. Weird. I ended up doing what you wrote above with an old skool 10 GB iPod and it worked like a champ.

  10. mx Says:

    Nice. Thanks.

  11. gwhiz Says:

    Those older iPods are gold for a variety of reasons. Development being one of them.

  12. fergusonbk Says:

    I just tried this process many times with a SW usb hardrive, does this simply not work with usb? I was able to partition the external drive and restore the dmg file to one of the partitions, but startup disk won’t recognize anything to reboot from. I have tried many different variations of the install, and now seem to think it has to be the usb drive not being recognized as a bootable drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I am running on a g4 12 inch powerbook, 1.5ghz 1gb ram.

  13. gwhiz Says:

    ferguson… Sorry to hear your troubles. USB is notoriously fickle as startup volume for OSX. Suggest FireWire if available or dual layer DVD.

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  15. Dodolamote Says:

    I don’t understand, I have do the exact same thing then you and it’s doesn’t work.
    I have partitioned my second HD in 3 part… It’s the reason why ?

    So when I try to install, the instalation sais to me : Error, no autorization to do that or this. Or have a problem with the Applenew speech etc.

  16. gwhiz Says:

    @Dodolamote, I also just installed 9A466 and it goes a bit differently than my previous experience. I’ll post a bit more detailed posting later in the day on what I think might be a better method given the experience I just had.

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  18. cr4nky Says:

    Hey I’ve got one big problem. I need to know if you can use this RESTORE thing on normal partitions? I don’t have a firewire external harddrive… and I haven’t a dual layer writer… Please help me!

  19. gwhiz Says:

    Cr4nky… Sorry, no help to be had (by me anyway). You certainly could phone ADC and use one of your incidents to get it resolved… This goes straight to the one major gripe I have with Apple…and that is our hands are tied when it comes to getting help from our fellow developers. We NEED a sanctioned place to have these kinds of Q&A sessions ads paid up Apple Developers.

  20. bitmap Says:

    so, I tried to install first time, from a USB device with my DMG partitioned copy. When It loads the installer and it lets me choose my drive, I do that but it sits at the “calculating how much time” screen for a few minutes, then it crashes says an error contact manufacturer, I reboot, and it loads back to 10.4 no problem, just takes a few minutes. I reboot and try again and since then I have not been able to see the mac HD in the drive selection window. Currently attempting to repair my main DRive from the original DVD media for 10.4.


  21. gwhiz Says:

    @bitmap… seriously sorry for your pain. I’m not completely sure about what I’m going to offer up as advice… But, USB seems to have some bad juju when it comes to a startup device for Leopard. Don’t take me to the bank on that. But, it just seems Apple’s approach to USB as startup volume is kinda wonky.

  22. Scott Says:

    I downloaded the DMG from ADC site and don’t hav e a DL writer.. however I read somewhere that if you use CarbonCopyCloner to copy the DMG to a FW drive (does not need to be erased) and tick the checkbox “make bootable” it should work. I tried this, and when using force boot selection (option key at startup) it detected this FW bootable system, but when I hit enter to select it, it went to the big Apple and the spinning flower loading sign. and stayed like that for a long time. I went and had a shower, came back and it was still spinning. any idea as to what is wrong with this? and also, is it possible to use Disk Utility’s “Restore” function without erasing the rest of the information on the external FW volume?

  23. gwhiz Says:

    @Scott – I have CCC but frankly never thought to use it in the manner you have described. All but the software update following 9a499 have required an erase and install. As I don’t have a need for a dual layer DVD burner just yet… I’m short on help there.

  24. Eric Says:

    What format should the installer partition and the destination partition be in?

  25. gwhiz Says:

    @Eric – Installer partition should probably be Journaled HFS. The destination partition will (typically) be limited to the acceptable choices. If memory serves (and it might not) this is going to be HFS, journaled HFS, and the case-sensitive (or not) versions for each.

    Trust me. You get that far in the process with a valid DMG on hand… you’re home free.

  26. Geiri Says:


    I just installed Leopard 9a527 .. I have an old firewire iPod and restored the DMG onto the ipod (and I ereased the ipod disk) .. I went through the installation, upgrading tiger to leopard (I backed up my tiger files if anything should go wrong) and everything went as supposed to.

    Now when I restarted after gettin “Installation succsessful” my macbook boots fine and then there’s the blue screen which usually comes for a short time but it’s stuck on the blue screen now and still after probarbly 20 minutes.. Should I keep waiting ? The ipod is still connected to the computer, should I disconnect it ?


  27. gwhiz Says:

    @Geiri – did it ever boot off the iPod before? Even once?

  28. Meschugge Says:

    I’ve got the exactly same problem as Geiri…same build (9a527) on a Macbook Pro, installed with a DL DVD

  29. djdarlek Says:

    I have same prob as Geiri and Meschugge but with the latest Leopard beta, went through the whole install without a hitch, rebooted and now it gets stuck on a blue screen with a mouse cursor. Highly irritating! ;(

  30. gwhiz Says:

    Are you folks installing the images DIRECTLY from the ADC site as downloaded? If so, call ADC, they’ll help you. If not… Really sorry for your troubles. Fortunately, it won’t be long now.

  31. BAsil Says:

    TRYING TO RESORE LEOPAED DMG FILE I SEE You must authenticate in order to restore

    what is this and what the solution will be

  32. vertual4 Says:

    installed WWDC copy of leopard 9a527 and installed fine, restarted and now get blue screen with single mouse cursor after grey apple and spin wheel underneath, cannot figure out what the problem is and am no longer in the u.s. to make phone calls to ADC help, was hoping a solution would be available ? aside from reinstalling tiger 10.4, thanks

  33. gwhiz Says:

    9A527 wasn’t distributed at WWDC… Is it possible you have the wrong seed#? It is entirely possible the WWDC seed has expired. Although, I think that’s more the seed registration number than anything else.

    Are you launching from an internal drive or external? If external, is it firewire or USB?

  34. ben Says:

    Hi. Just want to know if I can try to install Leopard alongside Tiger (in order to keep Tiger working if there’s a problem …).

    I want to erase Vista partition created with BootCamp and use it to install Leo on, using USB hard drive or a part of if to mount DMG.

    Is this possible ?

    Thanks and sorry for my probably poor english.

  35. MoNoXIdE Says:

    Hi. I would like to know if you can install leopard but on an internal hd?

  36. anders_b Says:

    yep that works fine..

  37. MoNoXIdE Says:

    yeah but how do you do it with this same process?

  38. Blake Says:

    I am wondering the same thing. How do I do this if I want Leopard to just overtake my entire system.

  39. gwhiz Says:

    @Blake – In the developer RTF all the Leoaprd seeds (that I can recall anyway) have stated they’re not meant for “updating” from Tiger to Leopard. That comes on Friday with the GM release.

  40. scott Says:

    how do we even create new partitions in osx?

  41. gwhiz Says:

    @scott – Use Disk Utility (found in your Utilities folder provided it’s not been moved from its original place on OSX). The fact you’ve asked makes me want to warn you… please, do NOT attempt to partition ANYTHING with Disk Utility that isn’t already backed up someplace else. This is a destructive process and will lead to lost files.

    Yes, there are some third party OSX tools out there which will let you partition an existing drive without losing anything other than space on your drive. That’s outside this particular discussion and well beyond my personal experience. I’ll leave that one to more adventurous souls.

  42. scott Says:

    I thought it had something to do with disk utility, but when I look all I see are first aid, erase, raid, and restore. I see I can create images etc but nothing about making a partition. I look at the raid option, but I don’t want to make a raid partition. I just want a regular partition correct? Is there something I am missing here? Can you please explain what I need to do exactly with the settings I need to select.

    Yes, I have backed up everything important. Thanks for your help.

  43. gwhiz Says:

    The best bet is to open Disk Utility and go to the help menu, select Disk Utility Help (or press cmd-?) and search on “partition”. It gives you the blow by blow (copied and pasted below for convenience):

    Partitioning a disk divides it into sections, called “volumes.” Each volume works like a separate disk. For example, you can create several smaller volumes that are easier to back up than one large disk.

    This page describes how to partition a disk that you will not use to start up your computer. If you will be installing Mac OS 9 or Mac OS X on any of this disk’s volumes, click the link below and follow its directions.

    Partitioning a disk erases all the files on the disk. If you have any files on the disk you want to save, be sure to copy them to another disk before you partition the disk.

    If you’re partitioning an external hard disk, make sure it is connected to your computer.
    In Disk Utility, select the disk that you want to partition in the list.
    Click Partition.
    Choose the number of partitions from the Volume Scheme pop-up menu.
    Click each partition and type a name for it, choose a format, and type a size. You can also drag the divider between the partitions to change their sizes. If a partition’s name has an asterisk beside it, it’s shown larger than its actual size in order to display its name legibly.
    If you will use the drive on a Windows computer, click Options and choose the Master Boot Record partition scheme (also know as fdisk). It might be called the PC partition scheme.
    Click the Partition button, and then click Partition again.

  44. scott Says:

    Ugh this isn’t working for me. I’ll just pick up a DL disk tomorrow and burn it. thanks anyway.

  45. gwhiz Says:

    Any time scott. Good luck with it and hope you’ll post back after a successful install.

  46. WorX Says:

    I wonder if Apple will release a 2-DVD single layer version for people not having dual-layer DVDs…

  47. gwhiz Says:

    @WorX – I thought the same thing. Turns out recent machines (still not clear on how recent) can READ dual-layer DVDs just fine but cannot write to them without a special drive for that purpose.

  48. Kenneth Says:

    I initially had problems with this install using my iPod, however I remembered that I have one of those nifty 3rd party sync cables with both USB and FireWire connectors … I switched to FireWire, followed the excellent instructions (by the way, iTunes must be closed or you’ll get the permission error), and the install ran perfectly.


  49. Felix Says:

    Hey thanks for the great post. It’s nice to find all of this info in one place. I do have a quick questions however. This info might be somewhere here or somewhere else but I can’t seem to find it myself. Do you need to do the same procedure if you were going to simply do an Update/Install as opposed to a fresh install? Or can you simply update/upgrade from a mounted DMG and that’s it? I’m just inundated with information and can’t come to a conclusion myself. Thanks in advance, and again for the post!


  50. gwhiz Says:

    @Felix – The install seeds aren’t going to give you an update option from Tiger. The only option is to install on a fresh volume. That said, the most recent seeds “should” have allowed for an update… I just got into the habit of installing fresh each round.

    When the GM is sold this Friday night… there WILL be an update option. Gotta be.

  51. Liski Says:

    Do I just burn the .dmg file a DL DVD on my PC and just boot from it on my friends Mac?

  52. Dude Says:

    Good post, everything worked perfectly on my MacBook and old USB drive. I did an upgrade instead of a complete clean install.

  53. Installing off an USB drive worked for me, using the ideas above. Thanks!

    How I did it > repartition the USB drive to have 1 partition, HFS+ Journal case-insensitive (the default option). Restore the .dmg to that, be sure to check Erase. Might want to uncheck Checksum so you don’t wait forever.

  54. gwhiz Says:

    @Victor – I’ve used the unchecked Checksum method a few times with mostly good results. However, I’ve also been stung by a bad .dmg file. Really kind of depends on the person and how much spare time they have.

    In 24 hours it won’t much matter anyway.

  55. Hedi Says:

    I have a dead SuperDrive on my iMac G5 and I do have an external Dual Layer DVD burner, I was wondering if it was possible to install Leopard from that drive.


  56. Justin E. Boles Says:

    Lets clear this up!!!


    Now that has gotten your attention, only FireWire or internal HD will boot a PowerPC (iBook/PowerBook)

    USB, FireWire, Internal, and eSATA will boot on a MacBook/MacBook Pro

  57. gwhiz Says:

    @Justin – No shouting in my house. I think we got your point. 🙂

  58. Anji/realm64 Says:

    I’ve just successfully installed leopard.

    1) Use bootcamp to setup a partition of ~10gb. I did install XP to that partition, but it may not be required. If you try and do anything to it with disc utils at this point, it won’t let you.
    2) Run a tiger install cd, and try to install to the partition you created. It failed. The failure may always happen, I don’t know.
    3) Reboot back into tiger, and disk utils will now let you write to the partition you created. Restore the leopard .dmg to that partition.
    4) Boot the computer from the newly created partition that you restored the leopard image to.
    5) Install leopard.

  59. adrian Says:

    just writing to report that i had no problem installing the .dmg from a USB-disk.

  60. Alex Says:

    Can you do it on Power Book G4 on internal drive?

  61. crazyboi Says:

    I didn’t do it just as you did it. though I have a question. See I wanted to more upgrade from Tiger to Leopard. On the internal harddrive, Macintosh HD.
    But when I boot from the external partition I have made I do not get the Macintosh HD as a choice whereto install Leopard.

    Why can’t I install Leopard over Tiger? And how should I do if I want to do this kind of upgrade?

  62. Mike Says:

    ok here’s my install method:

    1. After unrar’ing the files, checksum it.
    2. Then connect your ipod, quit iTunes bc it will give an error msg
    3. Open Disk Utility, select the ipod, erase everything

    Now here’s where I had problems and the only way I found it to work was to restore from a networked computer.

    Gigabit Ethernet
    PC: ip = / / no gateway / no dns
    MAC: ip = / / no gateway/ no dns

    Apple + K … smb:// and select the shared folder

    now back to the disk utility, click on “restore” and then choose the image file over the shared network

    Destination is the Ipod, mine happened to be a 4th gen 20gig (* USING FIREWIRE *)

    then check erase data option below the destination… and then submit or erase or what ever the go button is…

    Then you can simply boot to the firewire drive by going to your preferences on the dock, and then the startup disk icon… and there select the MAC OSX 10.5 option which is your ipod. then click the restart button on that screen and now your booting up to the leopard install.. I’ve heard people have trouble with the upgrade option so I did a full install under the options button… worked flawlessly!

    Took me 15 mins for the transfer and install, and 40 mins for the install of leopard.

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  64. JDogg Says:

    This works PERFECT, I’ts so fast, it took about 20 mins on my Power mac G4 THANK YOU!!

  65. BradG Says:

    I have a quick question.

    I want to make the destination my Mac Hardrive.

    But, in the process if I want to do that I need to erase my entire HD, which is something I do not want to do.

    Is it possible that I can make the destination my HD and not erase it?

  66. doctajay Says:

    It worked for me too! I have a Intel MBP, with a fireware Iomega external HDD. The longest part of the intall was the pre-backup stage. I think installing off of firewire is faster than installing from the DVD! Anyway, thanks for the write up!

  67. Dimaiovu Says:

    Dear all,
    What I have:
    1. Macbook, does not read DVD-DL, does not write DVDs, but reads CDs
    2. iPod Video, 5th generation late 2006, 30gb, USB, cannot Partition under GUID Partition Table

    Now I want to install a beta of Leo, I have a .DMG on my macbook, size ~ 6gb

    Anji/realm64 mentioned before an option how to install it using BootCamp, but I want to know if afterwards I can work on it and use a lot of programs and maybe delete the tiger after a while and work only on Leo. What is good and bad using this way of install?

    Also I was reading how to install it from HD if you have 2 partitions. I have only one. How can I create a second one? Using iPartition? Do you recommend this program? And how can I make a bootable CD with this iPartition?
    And do you think this is a good idea to install it like this?

    As you may know I cannot use my iPod to restore the image of Leo, but maybe if you know any more ways how can i do that, PLEASE TELL ME because I am very desperate. Thanks.

  68. Murph Says:

    Thanks for the guide. I just installed Leopard from my Ipod withough any problems at all. A little slower than normal perhaps, but otherwise fine!

  69. JonahCoyote Says:

    It worked for me using USB! Thanks for the tutorial.

  70. Kyle Says:

    USB IPOD install does work.

    When you format the IPOD you need to select Guid Partition Table (under options) also make sure you are using MAC OXS Journaled. You don’t need to restore over a network either.

    Here are the original instruction from MIKE!

    “ok here’s my install method:

    1. After unrar’ing the files, checksum it.
    2. Then connect your ipod, quit iTunes bc it will give an error msg
    3. Open Disk Utility, select the ipod, erase everything

    Now here’s where I had problems and the only way I found it to work was to restore from a networked computer.

    Gigabit Ethernet
    PC: ip = / / no gateway / no dns
    MAC: ip = / / no gateway/ no dns

    Apple + K … smb:// and select the shared folder

    now back to the disk utility, click on “restore” and then choose the image file over the shared network

    Destination is the Ipod, mine happened to be a 4th gen 20gig (* USING FIREWIRE *)

    then check erase data option below the destination… and then submit or erase or what ever the go button is…

    Then you can simply boot to the firewire drive by going to your preferences on the dock, and then the startup disk icon… and there select the MAC OSX 10.5 option which is your ipod. then click the restart button on that screen and now your booting up to the leopard install.. I’ve heard people have trouble with the upgrade option so I did a full install under the options button… worked flawlessly!

    Took me 15 mins for the transfer and install, and 40 mins for the install of leopard.”

  71. jmpdude Says:

    Thanks for the tip! I just followed the instructions at the very top of this site (after I downloaded my copy of the Leopard user-install DVD .dmg file from the ADC site), and it worked fine. I wouldn’t have even bothered, though, had the .dmg file not been 6.66 (!) GBs. My DVD burner doesn’t do DL and I didn’t have any DL discs anyway. But I had several old Firewire hard drives laying around.

    Worked great. Thanks, again.

  72. Gator Says:

    Still no answer on how to install on internal hard drive?
    Greetz, G.

  73. gwhiz Says:

    @Gator – Sorry about that. Weekend was packed and all I did was approve comments without posting much back in return. Sometimes other people answer before I can. That didn’t happen this go around.

    Installing on an internal is EASY if you have an external drive or a dual layer burner. I suspect that you don’t have either of these… In which case I don’t know how to go about installing a new system from .DMG state on your current startup drive. Not so sure it can even be done.

  74. gwhiz Says:

    @jmpdude, Murph, Murph, doctajay – Glad you guys got some use out of the posting.

    As for the clever people out there getting this .DMG to install and run off USB iPod’s (see above if this interests you) all I can say is… COOL! Didn’t think it could be done and you’ve given some people a new option. Thanks!

  75. Chava Says:

    For those having problems starting to copy the DMG to their ipods… i partitioned mine.. and now its working… 8gb 2ndgen ipod nano…

  76. John Says:

    Hi I just wanted to say that i followed your directions and it worked. Thanks.

  77. T. Silvs Says:

    Yo so quick question:

    If I have an external, can I do this method (boot off of the install partition) and then upgrade my internal harddrive from tiger to leopard?

    And also if I have a dual-layer burner should I just burn a DVD and bypass all this junk?

  78. adil Says:

    I installed using an external with usb last night and had absolutely no trouble. Just hold down the option key if you are having trouble booting up the ‘install partition’

  79. califalcon Says:

    dunno if u guys found the solution for the USB drive install, however here it is just in case;

    I just used carboncopy and used the function to do a block to block copy and i can boot and install fine on both of my macs, powerbook g4 and mac mini.


  80. benjamin Says:

    I tried restoring an old firewire hdd with the dmg and booting from it, but it kept crapping out with “4 minutes remaining” and it wouldn’t move any further for about an hour.

  81. Joseph Says:

    FWIW, you can install and run Leopard to an external USB volume. It’s slower than the usual way, but once the installer is done Leopard will boot right into its first-run sequence and you’ll be good to go. It’s a great way to check out how Leopard will run on your Mac without touching the internal disk.

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  84. Chad W Smith Says:

    Great article – glad it survived the digg effect. Nice talking to you!

  85. webtuga Says:

    I have been done it with my iPod Video 30GB…

  86. Pati Says:

    Just installed leopard now mail won’t open.

  87. Carlos Cerna Says:

    I am trying this on a Macbook Pro. I had the .dmg file and converted it to iso using Disk Utility and the Mac OS X. I then burned it in a friends XP PC onto a DVD+R DL. I later booted it on my mac nad it booted fine. Started the install and the went fine. Verification was succesful but right after that told me Instalation Failed. “Found no software to instal”???? Can u help??

  88. […] Installing Leopard via DMG Filed under: Uncategorized — 0ddn1x @ 2007-10-30 16:40:24 +0000 […]

  89. Dandab Says:

    hello…i have been trying really hard to get this to work but with no success. can somone tell me what i’m doing wrong?

    What i did was use my internal HD in my macbook pro, partitioned it then did the procedure above onto the partition. just to check it, i double clicked on the partitions, now named “Mac OSX Intall DVD”, and then i double clicked on the “Install Mac OS X”. Then a message comes up saying, “The application ‘Install Mac OS X” cannot be used from this volume” Any suggestions as to fixing this? Thanks in advance.

  90. DamieN Says:

    Good Show Mates.

    I’m a Premium ADC member and being too proud to ask for tech support. Set off to accomplish the task of updating my MBP to Leopard myself. I used Partitioned USB 2.0 30GB Portable HDD System With a Toshiba MK3006 Drive for the install. Obviously Disk Utility partitioned the drives in less than 5 minutes and I restored the .dmg to the Journaled 14GB MAC OSX Partition. (other partition is Windows Files System, believe it doesn’t matter) Held “alt” while booting after the .dmg was successfully restored to the USB and Installed. 30 Minutes including file backup.

    Thanks again. Solid Work

  91. Serge Says:

    Make a bootable LeoPartition on Time Machine’s backup drive and you get a full system recovery drive in your hands %) Cool! Thanks for the tip!

  92. Geoff Says:

    Hey guys, I just installed Leopard based on the following method. Everything is working fine except the following…

    – At startup, the navigation bar at the top of the screen takes a very long time to load
    – If I click on desktop (i.e. out of any applications) the mouse pinwheels and doesn’t stop
    – I cannot open the finder and access documents within the finder, but I can open word documents and the like through their respective programs.

    Any thoughts on how I could get my find windows working again and how to get rid of that annoying pinwheeling?



  93. Awesome, it worked like a charm for me! I had a 500GB external FW drive that I just replaced the image onto.

    The install went super smooth. The computer took a minute to boot the first time, prob compiling all the old system prefs into the new system. Now, I’m going to see if I can set the partition size right so that I use the drive as a Time Machine drive AND 10.5 installer!

    Thanks again for the helpful info.

  94. Jeff Says:

    Hi, I followed the outlined instructions and made a bootable partition on a firewire drive, set the startup drive to that partition. When I restart, small folder with a question mark appears, then boots straight to my old tiger install. Tried booting while holding down option key with same results. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  95. […] avait des soucis de disques durs. J’ai donc cherché à en savoir plus et je suis tombé sur cet article. Je l’ai donc appliqué à mon […]

  96. Eddie Says:

    Is there a way to UPGRADE your existing Tiger install with a Leopard DMG?

    So if i had an external drive with the Leopard image restored onto it, and launched the installer from within Tiger on that drive, would my Mac reboot and update my Tiger install from the external drive’s Leopard image? IE can it see a Firewire HDD in exactly the same way it sees a DVD-ROM?

  97. gwhiz Says:

    @Eddie – I’m not entirely sure what Apple has (or hasn’t) done since Leopard launched. Some people are saying their seeds have expired or some such. I’d say call the ADC and ask them to help unravel it.

  98. gwhiz Says:

    @Jeff – Best I can offer is to call ADC. I suspect they might tell you is to download the 9A521 image (which is identical to the GM release…) in the event you don’t want to shell out the retail $$ for it. Me? I was in line a the Apple Store and purchased it anyway and scored the nice new Leopard Tshirts (yeah, got two).

  99. hellfried Says:

    i have 2 FAT32 partitions on my usb external hard drive with nothing on them. however when i get to the disk utility page, i can drag and drop the leopard dmg to the source menu but when i try to drag one of the mounted disk to the destination menu, it does not allow me to do so. what kind of format should the partition be in?

  100. gwhiz Says:

    @hellfried – try HFS+ journaled. That’s worked for me.

  101. hellfried Says:

    ok i managed to partition my external hard drive to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) format. i get to drag and drop it into the destination menu but when i hit restore i get an error message saying ‘you must authenticate in order to restore’. what is this??

  102. musick Says:

    Just got leopard installed with Anji/realm64’s method w/ bootcamp and the 10GB partition.

    Running very smooth thanks.

  103. Macmini Says:


    I tried upgrading my macmini to Leopard using the .dmg file. Since I didn’t have a DVD-R DL to do it the easy way (for me) so I copied the .dmg file to a LaCie 500 GB hdd and tried the suggested way using disk utility. From here it went all wrong as I really didn’t know what I was doing here, I should have gone for the easy and understandable way for me!!

    I did not create any partitions on my mini or LaCie drive but just listed my mini hd as the destination and the LaCie as the source and cliked restore (I did not tick off the erase destination box). After this, I ended up with a blue screen (like the desktop design) and after giving the mac mini a hard reboot, it doesn’t go beyond the grey apple screen with rotating timer. I backed up all my files to the Lacie hdd but can’t see the Lacie on my XP laptop via USB either.

    I only have a wireless keyboard and mouse and since they don’t power up before the Mac boots, I can’t use them to enter safe mode either. I even tried inserting the OSX 10.4 installation CD when powering up the Mac to see if this would trigger anything but no response but that this CD is now stuck and I don’t know how to eject this without working keyboard and mouse:(

    Please can someone advise me where I should go from here.


  104. Macmini Says:

    Forgot to mention that I didn’t specify the boot partition although I didn’t make one either before rebooting as at this stage I couldnt open System Preferences.

  105. Jon Says:


    Just wanted to say thanks for the tips everyone – I got Leopard installed from my 2nd Gen Nano 8Gb using these tips. It installed without issue and within an hour!

    Thanks again!!!

  106. Boomouse Says:

    Just profuse thank yous to you. After an 8-day download, it was quite disconcerting to not be able to create a bootable DVD from the dmg file. I have Leopard on order but releases in Asia are not until the end of Nov although it has been launched here. I restored to my 5.5G ipod and installed from that with no problems. It was one go on the archive and install option.

    Thank you.
    Muchisimas Gracias.
    Selamat Datang

  107. […] Installing Leopard From DMG « gWHIZAs I wrote last night – Installing Leopard from disc image is anything but intuitive. […]

  108. Marty Says:


  109. Miguel Says:

    This works like a charm, don’t be confused with the dragging and dropping of the restore destination.
    1. You CAN use a USB drive to do this
    2. when you follow the instructions above the trick is to you select the “Partition” not the drive to restore.
    3. When you reboot to attempt to install, make sure you hold the OPTION key and select USB drive.

    Thats my 2 cents

    Thanks so much for the tip, works like a charm…

    Good day to you sir!

  110. Alik Says:

    Hi guyes,

    After I concated the dmg, it didn’t mount. It says Illegal seek. Please help


  111. Tom Says:


    Great directions. I got an error (16) restore failed, when I tried. Do you think the leopard.dmg file no good?


  112. Chad Says:

    — To upgrade OSX 10.4 on a iBook G4 and PowerMac G4 (both running Tiger 10.4) to Leopard 10.5 with only a DMG and USB drive —

    – Download/Install: Carbon Copy Cloner at

    – Copy the DMG of Leorad 10.5 to the system

    – Connect a USB drive WITH external power source to the laptop

    – Using Disk Utility: Erase the USB drive

    – Open “Carbon Copy Cloner” and select the DMG of the 10.5 Leopard

    – You will be cloning TO the USB drive

    – Select “Use block-level copy” and “Erase drive”

    – Click “Clone”

    Once the clone is complete, reboot the Mac and perform the open-firmware changes mentioned here: . You should then be able to install from the external USB drive like it was the actual DVD.

    **NOTE** I do NOT endorse stealing software. I obtained my DMG from our Apple Enterprise License at work and downloaded it directly from them.

    Once you see your new OS you will need to reset your firmware so it doesn’t try and boot from the USB drive anymore.

    – Reboot the computer and press:
    This resets the firmware to the factory settings.

    Keep holding this until you hear three “Bongs”. Once you release, the Mac should boot normally into your new OS!


  113. Paul ASR Says:

    I ruined my powerbook like a retard!……..I actualy did this. Disc utility>restore then i chose my source ‘leopard DMG’ then i prceeded and chose my destination ‘this is the retarded bit’ i chose my actual laptops harddrive and dident check the box erase destination. The result is……….

    Im left with a powerbook which cant start up and at first i was getting the no entry sign. I then conected my other powerbook via firewire with a os10 tiger disc and tried to restore my orginal powerbook with tiger. I have got rid of the no entry sign but have replaced it with a message that says summint along the lines of ‘panic just left hanging’

    If anyone could help me, I would be over the hacintosh moon!

    Thanx in advance.

  114. WorX Says:

    “I ruined my powerbook like a retard!……..I actualy did this. Disc utility>restore then i chose my source ‘leopard DMG’ then i prceeded and chose my destination ‘this is the retarded bit’ i chose my actual laptops harddrive and dident check the box erase destination. The result is……….”

    Just erase before restoring and it will work fine. Otherwise restore PRAM. Let us know. Good luck.

  115. champ123 Says:

    i have a 5th generation 30gb ipod classic. i was trying to test and see if i can erase my ipod through disk utility (volume format: mac os extended journaled). when i click erase, a pop-up comes saying “Erasing a volume will destroy all information on the volume…WARNING: This partition is on an iPod. Erasing the iPod partition will disable some of the iPod functionality.” Does this mean that it will destroy my ipod?? i dont mind if all the music/movies/etc is lost. has anyone else tried this and resulted in a dead ipod??

    also, if this works, do i erase the ipod first, then restore the leopard .dmg to the ipod? if so, after i do that, do i just install through the ipod?

    **on another note, does anyone know where to find dl dvd 8.5gb in stores??? they’re all online but i cant find it anywhere actually IN the store (radio shack, best buy, circuit city, …). they all sell like 25 of them for 40 bucks. i only need the ones that have like a 3 pack.


  116. champ123 Says:

    sorry that was erasing the ipod volume. however, erasing the disk (the orange icon above the ipod icon) gives me this message: WARNING: This disk is an iPod. Erasing an iPod will disable some of the iPod functionality. Again, same question: will erasing result in a dead ipod?

  117. thegreatest Says:

    I get an error message when trying to restore the leopard image to a clean USB drive. It says “An error (2) occurred while copying. (No such file or directory)”

    Anyone know why this happens? Have no DVD-DL drive:S


  118. Spencer Says:

    When you click erase destination does that erase everything on your hard drive? I want to get this done but I’m apprehensive because I don’t want everything to get erased, can anyone help?

  119. Henry Says:

    I completely f’ed my box. I’ve got a macbook pro, w/ no native DL DVD-R. My PC, however, has a Dl burner. I moved the .dmg to the PC, and burned it. as .dmg. couldn’t find any PC tools to convert .dmg to .ISO (which is the ultimate goal as I would like a boot-able Leopard Disk.) From the DVD, i restored the dmg to my ***MAIN PARTITION*** ouch!!! :*(

    What was I thinking?! I’m not going to get into it. Long story!

    How can i recover from restoring Leopard onto my main partition? The Macbook hangs at the apple logo, w/ the status under it in a loop.

    Could someone please post a link to recovery? or any thorough techniques to get tiger back up?

  120. champ123 Says:

    …lots of questions…could someone help with all the above questions please 🙂 thanks

  121. gwhiz Says:

    @champ123 – The answers you’re looking for are “out three”. I can’t be the one to answer most of them as it appears the OS is being installed from DMGs picked up someplace other than sanctioned sources. I’m not going to jeaopardize my ADC membership for that cause. Sorry.

  122. Rick Says:

    I am unable to format my iPod (5th generation late 2006) with a GUID partition table with Disk Utility on Tiger (10.4.11).

    When I attempt the partition, I receive an error stating Invalid Argument. A video on YouTube, made by an end user having the same problem that I am describing can be found here.

    Installing Leopard Using an iPod:

    Video made by Blog Owner(?)

  123. mike Says:

    I think I will give this a miss and just buy it tomorrow.

  124. Rene Says:

    hey guys…….ok so here is step by step how i got my leopard to install on my MacBook Pro with my 30 Gig Ipod (usb). Nothing special about what i did but I will go step my step just so everyone can see if they missed a step. Again nothing fancy…I just followed along with everyones ideas.

    1. Open Disk Utility
    2. Click the ipod drive on the left (if it is not visible then u must open itunes with ur ipod connected. click on the ipod on the left panel and in the main screen there should be an option that says..”make device external usable” or something along those lines. This makes your ipod visible to your make instead of only to itunes.
    3. While ipod is selected on disk utility, click partition. Then there is a pull down…click 2 partitions as G-Whiz mentioned before. Click the first partion still in the same screen and name it leopard and name the 2nd one blank.
    4. After this click the newly named “blank” partition under ur ipod to highlight it.
    5. Click restore
    6. Drag your dmg to source
    7. Drag the “blank” partition to destination
    8. Click Erase source
    9. Click Skip Check sums
    10. Click Restore…U might get a warning that ur ipod will be erased but ur itunes can restore ur ipod later on.
    11. After about ten mins or so it should be copied and probably will try to open and get u to install. Ignore this and close the window…but do not eject the partition.
    12. Click the Systems Panel…looks like a light switch and go to Start up Disk
    13. It searches for all avaiable drives…one should say leopard dvd install or something like that. That is the new partition u made. High light the partition
    14. Click the restart button underneath
    15. Let your mac restart……do not hold any button down or anything. If you look at ur ipod a little flower or loading circle should appear in the top left as if your ipod is thinking
    16. Hopefully if done correctly then after 5-6 mins of an apple screen your mac will start to load up as normal with the blue screen instead of gray but then jump right into the install process.
    17. Just sit back and wait…..can take up to 20 min…..or a bit longer…..i have a 2.2 gig ram super bad ass Mac pro and it took this long for me. Be patient. USB does work.

    Hope this was helpful. Should be noted that I tried one other trick before this and not sure if it helped but I downloaded monoligual (google it to download) and checked all languages except english to erase because I didn’t want leopard getting hung up on trying to update languages that i didn’t need. So it might be something to try.

  125. Rene Says:

    One Last little comment……once you have finished installing and it says to restart…..disconnect ur ipod.

    The initial startup will take sometime…..I had to hard restart my mac…..but after it starts up leopard will be working fine. 🙂

  126. PWK Says:

    I followed the instructions and it worked.

    I had no blank DL DVD’s so I pulled out the old 40gb USB external and partitioned that.

    After using the disk utility, I restarted the machine and it did the install. It took about 30 mins. A DVD would’ve been faster. So far, it works flawlessly and the only thing I needed was to do some updates.

    The OSX version I used was: 10.5 (9B18)

  127. Sjaak Says:

    I’ve tried 3 different dmg images with the final version of Leopard (which are in fact downloaded via my PC and then copied to the Mac) so far and each and everyone gives a checksum error just before it is finished checking, even when I just double click them (and the Apple disk utility is checking them before mounting) the checksum error comes up.

    I see a couple of posts here where people advise to ‘unckeck’ or ‘skip’ the checksums.
    Is this really a good idea? And is there anything I do wrong?

  128. Rene Says:

    Hey Sjaak………just follow my instructions above as close as possible…..every step….and it should work. Nothing horrible…..knock on wood…..will happen to your computer…….

  129. Josh Says:

    ok, here goes, im relatively new to apples and i have recently obtained a powermac g4 from a business going under. the first time i turned it on they apparently had a password set so i cant access the damn thing at all. now i have already got the leopard dmg on my pc. i just want to erase the mac completely and start fresh with nothing but leo, and i have no idea how to do this,

  130. Sjaak Says:

    OK, to come back on my question and you answer from yesterday:
    unchecking the ‘skip checksum’ option was NOT a good idea. Problems occured during installing when it tried to create the new base system for Leopard.
    My Imac won’start anymore…

    I don’t blame you though, it was my own choice. But don’t advise to uncheck it as you see what can happen…

  131. […] Mac OS X 10.5, the new version of the Operative System for Apple computer from a .DMG archive file: This article starts with the bootstrappable DVD creation, which you need to launch from and then […]

  132. Brad Says:

    For people having trouble partitioning an iPod with GUID, here’s a way to do it that works for me. I was getting the “unable to partition: Invalid Argument” error. This worked for me to make my iPod bootable:

    Hope That Helps

  133. Mridul Says:

    During the installation procedure, after selecting language, drive and ‘archive and install’ .. when i click on the install button …. i get an error message ” the installer cannot find the setup file to be installed. please restart the computer and try again”.

    i have tried it many times but i am getting the same error message
    please help if possible

  134. Justin C Says:

    so i’m having problems. i keep getting this error message:

    and in the picture the disc is mounted, but even when its not mounted it doesn’t work! i also tried this on two seperate computers, one being my g4 powerbook, and the other, my girlfriend’s macbook. all im trying to do it get it onto my FIREWIRE ipod. help!

  135. Justin C Says:

    figured it out!

  136. David Says:

    When i get to the step involving System Preferences and choosing the new partition as a start up volume, while it shows up as an option (when mounted) when i select it and choose to restart it, i get the “no, you can’t do that” noise and am forced to choose a different partition… any thoughts?

  137. G Says:

    Hi, i’m stuck, things work fine I can boot from the external hard disk, get past the first window then says I get a message Mac OS X cannot upgraded to V.110.5 on your comp mac os x 10.4 or laster not found…But i’m running the latest…Help…..Thanks

  138. Frankii Says:

    I did all the steps above but when my MacBook tries to start up from the partition with the Leopard installation the Loading Phase never ends >.<…. Yesterday I left the computer 2 hours trying to start the Installation but it was nerver loaded o.o……. help please

  139. grant Says:

    ok so ive got to the part where the dmg is on the ipod but when the installer it says resart my computer so i say ok and do it when it comes back on,it tells me to do it again. it also does the same thing if i go to start up disk and restart it if i hold alt while restarting, a real basic looking screen comes up looks like something off of windows 98 or something its blue with a picture right in the center that says macintosh hd to the left is a button thats like an arrow going in a circle and to the right of it is an arrow the arrow just makes 10.4 come on and the circle arrow thingy does nothing from what i can tell ive gone thruogh this process to get here like 5 times and did all steps mentioned on this page and read everything on this page somebody please throw me a frikin bone its one in the morning and ive been trying to make this work for two days HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!

  140. Ricky Says:

    Hey I need help…When I downloaded Leopard it was 7.5GB. I followed the steps and everything goes fine until I reboot to start the installation. It never starts to install. Instead it gives me some image that looks like the finder and then it gives me a question mark. What do I do?

  141. Jignesh Says:

    when i m installing leopard everything goin rite but when i click on erase destination and than restote it give message that resources are in use.. can anyone help me…???

  142. jessica Says:

    hey i do have a dl writer, what do i do?

  143. DavidSand Says:

    Hi. I’ve tried to install Leopard from a iPod nano 8GB but when I restart the system begining the installation, at the begining it apears me shimmeringlly a folder with a question mark about two or three times and then the Tiger runs as usual.
    Here I’ve seen that this iPod doesn’t work for good, so I want to try to use my old iPod (this one with the four buttons over the roller), but…….. The battery is wocked… sometimes it dures very few time… and it doesnt recharge via USB and via FIREWIRE it doesnt seems to be recognized by the system, just recharges….

  144. Here’s what each of you who are experiencing problems needs to do:

    1) Save up the little bit of money required

    2) Go buy a copy of Leopard

    3) Install said copy of Leopard on your Mac.

    4) Pat yourself on the back for having saved yourself all the headache and hassle of finding a half-assed work-around.

    I *WILL* continue to delete posts (notice there aren’t any) which recommend illicit workarounds. I have a 100% kill-rate thus far.

  145. Nick Says:

    This question comes AFTER the successful installation of Leopard.

    I realize this comment comes late in the game, however I’ve been using leopard from my ADC dmg, thanks to your post, for a while and have just recently had the urge to attempt what has caused this issue. Essentially, I installed leopard and it worked great, but since I am absolutely in love with some XP applications such as Office 2007, and cant justify buying 2008 just to use it on my mac, I recently powered up boot camp to help me create a vista/leopard dual install. I partitioned my disk, installed windows, and logged in.

    To clarify, dual booting with Boot Camp requires what are called mac windows drivers, so you can connect to the internet and use your isight and what have you on a vista OS. Initially in earlier versions of Boot Camp they would let you burn a drivers CD, so that once you were in windows you could install the drivers from the CD. However, you are no longer prompted to create a drivers CD in Boot Camp 2.0 because the drivers now come on the Leopard install disk. So I hopefully overlooked this assuming that once I was in windows I could open the directory of my usb hard drive where I restored the dmg, mount it, and install it from there.

    However, the main issue is that when in windows, without the necessary drivers, I cannot even access my usb hard drive. I restarted the computer after initially logging into windows once I realized this, and holding option I booted back into OS X. I have since found no way to access the install partition from windows, and the closest I was able to get was burning MacDrive, daemon tools, and MagicISO to a cd and using those utilities to first get the dmg from my mac partition over to windows, turn it into an iso, and then mount it. However I cant mount a dmg with daemon, and MagicISO is having issues converting the dmg to an iso. Maybe it corrupted when I transfered it over to the windows partition using MacDrive?

    I’m guessing apple removed the windows mac drivers from the internet and the bootcamp assistant to prevent piracy, but I’m unable to put the XP system to any decent use because I cant connect to the internet or anything like that. Ideas?


  146. Android Says:

    This methed is so solid. Thanks for the guide, I dont know why its not more widely used? One question though why does this partition not show up in option boot mode?

  147. Bhad133 Says:

    I loaded everything the way i was suppose to on my ipod and got the installation mode to come up but when I got to the step where i have to pick to install it on my hard drive, no options of where to install it appear. I tried restarting from both the startup disk and the network. No luck.

  148. Tersiops Says:

    Nice explanation….had an old G4 without a DL DVD reader and wanted to create a Leopard sever. Glad I found this…..saved me quite a bit of time. Thanks!

  149. Paul Says:

    so, here’s probablly the silliest question here xD, so, i have a dual layer writter and a 8 gb dvd , so can i burn the dmg file on it?, when it’s possible, how i have to burn that dvd?have i to partion my drive? please help


  150. klaesjes Says:

    I am using an external Iomega HD. I followed this tutorial, and I managed to boot the Leopard dvd. But when I must select the drive on which Leopard has to be installed, I cannot see my internal HD, but only the partitions on the external HD. Do you know how I can fix this? (I want to install Leopard on my internal HD, not on my external Iomega HD)


  151. klaesjes Says:

    I don’t know why, but the internal HD appeared +-15 minutes after I booted the DVD, and then I could select it as drive to install leopard.
    Thanks for the tutorial!

  152. Jake Says:

    Hey. Can you make the partitions on your Macintosh HD drive? Like not use an external drive or anything? Just put it all onto your internal drive. Will it work with a iomegadrive?….. please help! Because, when I restart my computer to load leopard, it just goes right back to normal (tiger). HELP!

  153. Yoshi man Says:

    i got pretty far into this. i got all the way to the disk utility and clicking on restart but nothing then happens, the little tab that says to restart just closes and nothing happens. What do i do? can anyone please email me?

  154. DrummerBummeR Says:

    Used USB iPod nano 3.gen. 8 gB

    And IT WORKED!

    Wipe it all off in disk utility, restore it with the .dmg, WAIT.
    When you try to install Leopard through a Dock-cable, it WILL be slow…

  155. Jaap Says:

    USB disk DO boot on Intel’s NOT on PPC

  156. Michael Hess Says:

    Installed to my eMac 1.42G box like this (via USB):

    (This is almost verbatim from

    1. Get info on USB partition that you’ve restored DMG from, find the diskxsx label for the USB drive, the x’s will be disk and part number, mine was disk1s10.

    2. Boot into Open Firmware, hold Command-Option-O-F right after turning on.

    3. Type devalias, find ud in the list, should be /pci@f2000000/usb@1/disk1, mine was a bit different.

    4. Type printenv boot-device write down the output.

    5. Type setenv boot-device ud:10,\\:tbxi no spaces and substitute the 10 for the number you found above.

    6. Type printenv boot-device again and verify the change.

    7. Type mac-boot and install.

    I used a Buffalo MiniStation and it worked perfectly. Reset PRAM after to clear up the boot flag, or manually change it back.

    So, Yes PPC’s CAN boot from USB 🙂

    Going to try on my Old 300Mhz G4 next…

  157. PinoyRoots Says:

    Worked like a charm! used a portable HD, made an 8GB partition, mounted the image there, rebooted, Viola! Thank You =D

  158. Scott Anthony Says:

    THIS WORKED PERFECTLY, didn’t need to partition on my external USB drive, installed perfectly, woohoo!

  159. DaveR Says:

    I am able to restore my .iso file to a partition on my external and it shows up in startup disk as a bootable partition, but when I restart it just has that little loading circle forever and never actually boots into the dvd image. Does anyone have any ideas?

  160. Jonathan Says:

    Hi ya’ll!

    I tried the whole thing with a USB disk, but no go! I need to log in before a USB disk mounts. So no startup from USB. And I don’t have a FireWire drive…
    I want to install 10.5 on my media server Mac Mini and if it works cool, I’ll put it on my work Mac, an iMac G5 20”.

    I have an old iBook G3 hanging around to show sketches to clients and I reinstalled OS X 10.4 but now with 2 partitions: 1 of 8,5 GB for 10.5 and 1 with the rest of the 20GB. I installed 10.4 on 1 partition and followed the instructions here to make the second partition the 10.5 startup.

    In the iBook, I went to System Preferences>Startup Disk and choose “Target Disk Mode” which makes it restart as a FW disk. I connected it with a FW cable to my G5, and opened the System Preferences in the G5>Startup Disk and choose the partition with 10.5 of the iBook. I restarted the G5 and it started, ready to install 10.5!

    So you can use any Mac (running 10.4 and maybe 10.3) to dress up as FW disk.

    Now I will try it on the Mac Mini. I’ll let you know if it works on the Mini to install.


  161. Rafael Says:

    I follow your step and works perfectly… the problem is that I want to reinstall leopard, on the same mac… the problem is that when I go to the startup disk the USB device is not selectable (in leopard), how can I tell leopard to boot from the usb partition that I have loaded the DMG file?


  162. vcdrummer08 Says:

    Hey everyone,
    All useful posts, but I do have a DL Burner. I feel like a bit of a n00b, but how can I create a BOOTABLE dmg from the original leopard install DVD? Everything I try yields a disc that is not bootable (holding down option at start-up doesn’t even show the burned disc). NEED HELP!
    MacBook Pro 17″ 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2GB RAM, etc…

  163. mAx Says:

    When i use disk utility to restore and so on to install from an external usb drive …this comes up..You must authenticate in order to restore…What does this mean???? any work around?

  164. Rob07 Says:

    Im presuming that the installer partition will be wiped (so the destination should not be something that I don’t want erased?) But does where I actually install the OS get wiped? Im guessing not as that is an option within setup, and i can just archive the old OS

  165. pimphedpe Says:

    hey guys real simple step follow what renee said up there to a T… i have a power mac G4. simplest way to do this from a dmg file….. add second slave internal hard drive…. make 2 partions…….. go into disk utility….. select the slave drive go to partion…. make 2….name one leopard and the other one (whatever u want to call it) blank… highlight the leopard partion click on restore…drag ur dmg image from the desktop into the source.. then drag ur blank partion into the destination… that simple… click restore then ok…. when it trys to run the install close it… go tot system preferences startup disk.. selcte os 10 x leopard and click restart.. dont hit any keys… it will load the installer. now go through as normal and install on the leopard partion.. easy as 1,2,3…. pimphedpe gots ur hookup holla if ya hear me … woot woot

  166. qorghdud Says:

    I’m also running into error.
    After I have mount it the .dmg and drag the .dmg file onto the source and drag my external onto the destination (blank external) and checked both erase destination and skip checksum, I keep getting this error message “Restore Failure” An error (16) occurred while copying. (Resource busy).

    I have the first generation macbook 10.4.11 2ghz intel core duo processor 2gb ram.

    Could you please help me?

  167. clint Says:

    how do you partitions?

  168. Karl Says:

    clint: jusr drag the contents of the hard drive to the trash can.

  169. Nash Says:

    i tryed doing this with my ipod mini, and 500gb external drive, and i get a failure each time,… why

  170. ben Says:

    I followed everything like you said and when i rebooted off the macinstallDVD partition it says “invalid memory acces at SRR0: 06602548 SSR: 00083030” then it says “to continue type “macboot” and press return. To shut down type Shut-down”. so i tryd “macboot” and it gets stuck at a white screen with black lines. I can’t boot into my old OS (panther) so i really need help please. if you can, email me at “”

  171. cryfex Says:

    Hi mate welll it is a great work indeed i just did everythng you told with the own hard disk of MacBookPro.I partioned it into 3 part 1 for leopard 1 for tiger 1 for boot.. I installed Leopard .But, i want to partion my hard disk into 1 single volumr without destroying leopard. When i open bootcamp it say you cannot partion this disk it is already partioned bla bla bla. I nedd really quick help if you can post here or mail me .
    Thank you.

  172. tlooon Says:

    Yaeh, it works with a FW drive, but first you must format it to MacOS file system

  173. Buha Says:

    I have a macbook and I downloaded the leopard .dmg file and burned it to a dual layer disc using disc utility. It boots up but after it restarts nothing else happens. Am I doing something wrong?

  174. kdf Says:

    have a leopeard in .dmg file in DVD, macbook pro will not recognize the file and boot, tried using external hard drive but startup disk will not have external hard drive in bootup. any suggestions how to install the OS from an image file.

  175. Steven Says:

    Hi there!
    I have a big problem
    I did everything fine, they ask me to choose language and then “Cannot install on this computer”
    Please Help me, it has been a month i try to install it !
    Thanks a lot

  176. @Steven – You guys have GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! All this time and you’re still futzing around with with this? Go buy the OS and stop wasting your time. Even if you’re making $3 an hour somewhere that’s ~43 hours. Stop trying to cram a pirated OS onto your machine.

  177. Rockstar Says:

    Hi this is really helpful, but I can’t get my mac to install it. I open it and it says it has to restart. It restarts, then it brings me back to Tiger. So then I hold the option key while it restarts, but the only thing I see is Macinosh HD, I click it, then it brings me back to Tiger again! HELP!

  178. Carl Trimble Says:

    This is a direct message to Gerald Buckley…

    What the hell man? Be a little open minded. I have a retail copy of Leopard in my hand! The reason I am on this page is because my computer does not have a DVD rom. EVER THINK OF THAT?

    I still can not get the damn thing to install. And I will keep trying and “futzing around with this” until it does work.

    My error…
    A message comes up saying, “The application ‘Install Mac OS X” cannot be used from this volume”.


  179. Sumo Says:

    thanks!! it worked!

  180. nick Says:

    First of all- great tutorial. :]

    I’m having a bit of a problem, maybe you will be able to help.

    I have two hdds installed and a dmg of leopard.

    I go into the disk utility, and try to use the restore feature with no luck.

    I get either an error one, or an error 16, both telling me the copy failed.

    Today, I purchased a 500gb firewire drive to try to get it to work. No luck, same error.

    When I try to do the same think on my macbook, (I am trying to install leopard on my powermac running osx 10.3 )
    When I do it on my macbook, it begins to copy files, and works for several minutes, and then I get an error stating: could not restore, operation not supported.

    What am I doing wrong? Any insight?

    I have a dl burner available to me.

    I have my original osx leopard install disks that came with my macbook.

    Any suggestions?

  181. Brad Parks Says:

    The “an error (16) occurred while copying….” message simply means that you have the DMG mounted. Unmount it by dragging the icon for it to the trash, and then try the operation again and it’ll succeed!

  182. jolomac Says:

    hi guys
    can you help me here i am trying to install Tiger from a dmg file but i only have jaguar on my machine and disk utility does not have the disk restore option so cant do as above any ideas would be greatly appreciated

  183. nick Says:

    Thanks for your response. However, the dmg is not mounted, and I get an error (1)

    Any advice?

  184. […] SanDisk Cruizer on 4, so I doubt I can transfer to my Cruizer? Here is an article I try to follow: Installing Leopard From DMG gWHIZ I made a DMG on a friends Mac. I would like to partition the drive internally, but the partitions […]

  185. […] SanDisk Cruizer on 4, so I doubt I can transfer to my Cruizer? Here is an article I try to follow: Installing Leopard From DMG « gWHIZ I made a DMG on a friends […]

  186. […] of the more popular methods did not work for me.  If the following does not make sense, read this original guide and the digg comments on it.  Here’s an overview followed by […]

  187. spamthet Says:

    A few things I have noticed from reading this blog and posts.

    The first thing that is keeps being missed:
    Almost all PPC macs will NOT boot USB, only firewire. To be doubly sure, you can hit Command+Option+O+F right after you hear the sound at boot to get into open firmware. Then type this commmand “devalias” and look for “ud”. If you see “ud” you can boot from a Usb Drive. If not, you need a firewire or dual layer drive (you can get a dual layer for a tower on for ~$20)

    The second thing is during the “restore”. You can’t restore an unmounted dmg, you have to double click the dmg so it looks like a little white drive icon, THEN you can drag and drop it in the restore area of disk utility.

    Other than that, don’t steal the dmg. You can make one from a real dual layer by going to the disk utility and making a ‘read only’ image (not master or read-write). The read only means dmg.

  188. […] think thats the problem. Read the following link. Installing Leopard From DMG gWHIZ Instead of restoring the DMG on the external drive you must reboot from the leopard disc and […]

  189. mrmiller Says:

    This can also be done using 2 harddrives. One with the OSX installer from the .dmg file and one beeing the target of the installation.

    I was trying to use an old harddrive that had windows on it and it did not work. But then i made the partition on the old drive using the settings button and selection to use this disk to start PowerPC and NOT Master Boot Record. Works like a charme 🙂

  190. travesty031 Says:

    good afternoon,

    I have been trying to install leopard on a 867MHz powerbook g4 for about a week. i have restored the dmg to a partition, i have run the installer and successfully installed leopard( green check and prompted to restart). upon restart, system only boots to apple screen with spinning wheel. i let it sit there for approx. an hour and no change. I reset pram and nvram as well as pmu… anyone have any clue as to what the problem is?

  191. bteamer Says:

    So I have two partitions on my *hard drive*. (blank) not on an external. I tried your step, and when I click restore, it asks me for my password, and after about a second it shows:
    I can’t figure out how to get rid of it

  192. terrywang Says:

    Something different when restoring the Snow Leopard DMG to a flash disk.

    The actual source should be the Mac OS X Install DVD (inside the DMG) instead of the DMG itself.

    Then my 8G USB flash disk is loaded with Snow Leopard bootable, I think it’s just UNIX command dd? Keep pressing option key until you see the option to choose the boot device;-)

  193. mukke Says:

    i bought a new (and larger disk for my MacBook. I have no external drives just another mac.

    So i switched the drives and booted the MB in taget mode and connected it to the other Mac with a firewire cable.
    From the 2nd mac i partitioned the drive to a 10 gig partition for the installer and a the rest for the main disk.
    I restored the dmg to the installer partition.

    Then i disconnected the MB (after ejecting the 2 partitions ofc.) and i booted my MB.
    It worked real fine. Could install everything very easy. Now i deleted this Installer disk and i have a 10gb partition for my development projects.

    Just posting his in case you have no external hard drive with an OS on and you wonna install it on the internal drive of a MacBook, Macbook Pro or an old iBook. As said in the other comments, an mac in target mode should be connect with firewire, so again, usb won’t help here.

  194. mukke Says:

    Oh and i tested this and iw works for snow-leopard too (disks die, so i have all my installer cd’s and dvd’s in .dmg, above post is about snow leopard not leopard.

  195. […] è farina del mio sacco; su Internet le spiegazioni in merito abbondano (per esempio questa, applicata a Leopard). Un po’ elaborato (e si deve sacrificare qualche giga di disco […]

  196. pumpkinhead303 Says:

    Hey i see i’m a bit late to this party but, i’m almost at wits end with this OS X 10.5 install. I have my DMG burned to a DL DVD and the installer mounts ands shows up on my desktop, i click install, it asks me to restart the Mac. It restarts… but then just hangs on a black screen, the fan and all the startup sounds start, but it just wont boot from the DVD. I hold C on the keyboard… NOTHING! it’s kinda kicking my butt. I still have the DMG. IS it possible to just to make a partition on the main HDD to install this, or would i need 3 partitions? one that already has tiger on it and 2 blank ones? thanks any help is appreciated

  197. pyrokarma Says:

    My CD drive is stuck, so I made a .dmg of 10.5 on my iMac and put it on my Powerbook. For whatever reason, it does not seem to want to discover my firewire-connected external HD’s

    Can I just use my U2 iPod? Also, can I just run the disk image and try and boot it that way?

  198. cburnes Says:

    Excellent! Only had trouble getting 10.6 to show up as a selectable bootable drive in startup disk, but eventually it did and worked perfect. Thanks for such a descriptive (and correct) walkthrough.

  199. dafwifwi Says:

    thank you so much- this worked for me with my ppc. the only problem i had was during software update to 10.5.8 the update got stuck and i had to power off. the machine still works, but the update is incomplete. as my disc drive is broken i’m going to try repairing with the cd from the drive from another machine on the network. will report if i am successful. THANK YOU

  200. […] on which you’ll restore the Mac OS you want to install using the procedure outlined here : Or you can  follow Ruth Gaudi’s excellent explanation here […]

  201. […] on which you’ll restore the Mac OS you want to install using the procedure outlined here : And you can  follow Ruth Gaudi’s excellent explanation here […]

  202. […] look at Lion: Full Screen apps, versioning, gestures, ad-hoc file sharing and —gasp— OS upgrades from the hard drive. These are our […]

  203. if i use my ipad to select the restore destination will it completley erase the contents of my iPad? please respond ASAP

  204. OMG !!! I spent four days trying to do this and then found your blog. Worked like a charm. Thanks !!!

  205. Do you hhave to use a fashdrive / junk ddrive or can you use omething to replace it like a 8 gb mp3 player But Mp3 player doesnt work so whitchh meaning i would have to use a flash drive right?

    • Quentin, I think I’d just try it. My instructions are specifically for a properly partitioned hard drive. I do know some versions of MP3 players are NOT suitable to serve as startup volumes. DISCLAIMER: Your results may vary.

  206. Alright Im Gonna Try The Usb And I Hope This Works Because THe Other Way Is the Scary way with the open firewire that stuff is too much so im gonna try ill get back to you if this works and did you do this on a ibook g4?

  207. Do You Have A Skype i cant get it to work i click restart and nothing happens if you have a skype add me my name is ASG_SMarTy…

  208. […] Preparing the thumb drive: Installing Leopard From DMG […]

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