8 Comments on “Grocio Logo Choices”

  1. hornbeck Says:

    I like the lettering and color of the second to bottom

  2. Josh Says:

    Yeah, I didn’t catch the grocery cart in the ‘G’ until you mentioned it. Are you planning to make it more 3D-ish?

    I still like the original font, but I’m not sure if it matches up well with the green G.
    The last font choice and arrangement is pleasing, though.

  3. Mark Says:

    I, too, like the last two font arrangements with my preference for the second bottom one.

    I have to say that I’m with Josh and didn’t catch the shopping cart in the ‘G’ until you mentioned it. In fact, to be perfectly honest, I still don’t see it. Maybe ours look different in the UK! Sorry.

  4. @John – next to last right? (the green? not the black?) Sorry, kinda thick headed today.

    @Josh & @Mark – I think there’s more time on the drawing board necessary to make the cart more obvious and the G less dominant.

    @Mark – These days I see G in ALL carts regardless of the market I’m at. There are actually some interesting differences. I’m becoming a grocery market snob! ACK!

  5. Scott Stone Says:

    Gerald – I didn’t and still can’t see a shopping cart in the large “G”. I’m stubborn that way, though; I can’t see those hidden picture things either. I have no problems with the original logo, although it could look friendlier, more grocery-like, and less “techy” (if that makes sense). I like the lowercase, friendly typography of the first of the logotypes.

    You could go with something very different and retro, I was thinking–like the lettering you’d have found on an old time Humpty or IGA, even hinting at neon. I dunno. The “techy” look of the original probably needs some softening, but the shopping cart is a ubiquitous and easily identifiable graphic element. Are there other elements that could represent it? I’m afraid that half the online world now sees a shopping cart as a symbol of electronic commerce as much as grocery stores.

    The other possible way to go is cartoony – a character, a guy in one of those aprons of vest that used to populate stores. I’m babbling. 🙂

  6. Bart Lee Says:

    Two cents from a graphic designer:

    I agree the icon needs a little more refinement if you want the shopping cart to be apparent. To me it just looks like a box but I think with a little more work it could be usable. It just seems like it isn’t quite “there” yet.

    As for the logotypes, I don’t like any of them. Trebuchet, Myriad, Courier (or whatever variant of Courier that is), and Bank Gothic are all way, way overused at this point and tend to give a little bit too much of the “2000 dot com” feel. Especially Myriad – you can blame Apple for using it and Adobe for making it the default font in Illustrator for that. Added to that, the thinner typefaces have very wide tracking, which renders them even less visible. Picture the logotype on the side of a truck or a billboard. Most of those will be very hard to make out. Picture it at a very small size, say if Grocio sponsored a charity event and the sponsor logos were at the bottom of the ad. True, the icon is bold enough to carry through in those situations but there’s no reason the logotype shouldn’t hold up too. I’ve had several clients come to me because they did their own logo and then realized how ineffective it was when it had to compete for visual attention in mixed use.

  7. @Bart – Awesome input and much needed medicine. (Please, just tell me you’re not of the PlayBill-for-your-logotype camp)

  8. Bart Lee Says:

    Ha ha, no, nothing like that. I just think there’s a bit too much discord between the very bold icon and the dainty typefaces. It seems to be missing that level of cohesiveness that a polished logotype/bug will radiate. I’m a big fan of trying to communicate your brand as simply yet cleverly as possible. If you have a little free time, one of my favorite sites dedicated to examining brand design is http://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/ – you’ll find some good insights throughout.

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