Installing Snow Leopard 10A190 (instructions)

A little background first: When Leopard was in pre-release there was a LOT of moaning about installing it because Apple (in the early seeds) failed to include adequate instructions on “how to”. So, I posted my own set of instructions and it’s been one of THE MOST commented and controversial blog posts I’ve ever penned. Yes, a lowly instruction manual.

But, see here… Apple’s ADC agreement specifies non-disclosure. Meaning I couldn’t divulge details of anything they’ve provided. Well, it turns out since they didn’t provide the instructions I wasn’t in breach. And, it turns out, it enabled a lot of people to install Leopard. The controversial part kicks in when the question is asked, “Was it used in the piracy of the images?” I suspect the answer has to be a firm, “Probably.” and that sucks and I’ve written as much. Point in fact, there were many comments I just flat moderated out of existence as they were clearly intent on piracy. We won’t have that problem this go around. Here’s why:

So, to the part you came for… If you have legitimate access to the Snow Leopard 10A190 dmg you’ll have legitimate access to all you need to get it up and running. If you aren’t yet a paid and in good standing Select or Premiere Developer with Apple… Maybe you should consider it.

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3 Comments on “Installing Snow Leopard 10A190 (instructions)”

  1. Mark Says:

    Four and a half months? About bleedin’ time! Sadly, half way through the download, my ISP’s traffic shaping kicked in and I’m now throttled backed to 300KB/s 😦 Two hours to go – I REALLY hope it installs on my machine after all that…

  2. netrolller3d Says:

    “If you aren’t yet a paid and in good standing Select or Premiere Developer with Apple… Maybe you should consider it.”

    Message to Apple:
    If you don’t yet offer the Select or Premiere Developer packages in Hungary… Maybe you should consider it.

    In other words, I would pay, but Apple refuses my money, just because I live in Hungary.

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