Leopard Release Date

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Looks like LoopRumors is calling a March 24 release date for Leopard. I think this is only because it’s the anniversary date which seems a little too flimsy of a target for a company that doesn’t let anything on stage Mr. Jobs doesn’t feel confident about. That’s nearly two months out and there is still a ton of work to do according to the PDF briefings Apple has been posting alongside the latest seeds.

[EDIT: More on the release date on my updated entry.]

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2 Comments on “Leopard Release Date”

  1. gwhiz Says:

    And… now that I’ve loaded up 9a344 seed of Server… well, I’m convinced it won’t be March anythingth.

  2. […] I said in the comments of my first post regarding Leopard’s imminent release I’m convincing myself Apple won’t release Leopard’s GM on March 24. I’d […]

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