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BluePhoneElite + OSX = Nirvana!

December 28, 2006

Finallly! Finally! FINE UH LEE!!

BluePhoneElite beta 2

BluePhoneElite beta 2 is exactly what I have been seeking all these many long months. I don’t need no stinking iPhone! 🙂 (I probably do actually… just ’cause). There were only two things I wasn’t thrilled with in the release version and beta 2 gives me pause.

  • I said I wanted talk through. Got it! Called my office land line. Left a message and it’s most definitely passable.
  • I said I wanted the ability to record conversations. Haven’t quite figured out the finer points but I think with SoundFlowerBed + my audio recording apps I’m going to have a serious shot at making podcast recordings VERY easily no matter where I might be (London, Bahrain, Tulsa, Houston… wherever really).

This is so cool!

Now I have to contact those wacky folks at Mira and arrange an interview!

Helio for TMobile? Nope.

September 28, 2006

Guy Kawasaki just made my eyebrows go up, caused a click through or two and now I think, if Apple doesn’t squeeze out some official word on their iPhone soon I may just become a new Helio owner. My Moto A630 is just about through after two years of faithful service. But, that won’t happen… I’m really liking GSM and not real keen on going CDMA.

That and the Helio seems to have a lot of stuff I’m just not too jazzed about: MySpace, etc. But, 3G coverage I can get excited about. MP3 and Video I can get excited about. Looks like the interface is hot too. Still…

Apple, listening? Hustle it up!

Samsung t509

September 1, 2006

Thinking of sticking with tMobile but going from the Motorola a630 to the Samsung t509.

Saw the phone and thought it might fit my needs a little better. Anyone out there have any first hand experience with it and Macs? The iSync page says it’s on the list of approved devices. Which would be nice for a change.

Hey RD!…

August 31, 2006

MacNN | Mac compatible Sprint EVDO card

RD… what do you know about the Aircard 595U? Looks like it’s got it all… EVDO, EGDE, GPRS, Rev A and Rev 0 compatible. Do tell…

Power Outages in Tulsa

August 11, 2006

Winds came sweeping cross the plains last night and knocked our power offline. We’re going on an hour now.

I’m writing this via the GC89 cellular modem and the PowerBook… But wait, there’s more!

iPhone Concepts

August 1, 2006

If Apple ever does come out with an iPhone I hope they come out with something akin to some of these. I think I’d actually buy the (more…)

Motorola A630 and my Mac (update)

February 16, 2006

The A630 is still my phone of choice. Not because of the clarity. Not because of ringtones. And, not because it’s the sexiest little number out there (No, that spot’s reserved for my video iPod!) Sure, there are lots of other swank little units available. The RAZR and a couple of the Ericsson phones come to mind.

But, for pure helpful connectivity to my Mac I’m sure proud to have this little gem and the OnSync application.

Man, if only the built in Sync on 10.4.5 worked like I wished, OnSync wouldn’t even be necessary. But, alas.